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    Default Is it possible to keep out mosquitos w/o a net on your door?

    I have read on a few other threads here that you can get a screen-type of thing to put on your door so you can keep it open at night. I have found the one people are talking about that won't damage the door, but I really don't want to pay that for it. So, my question is this - is there anything else that can be used - like a spray, or vapor, or anything? I know this may sound a little odd, but I am clueless when it comes to those little "secrets" or "tricks" that people have found to be helpful.

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    I haven't even seen a mosquito at CSA but maybe I am there at the wrong times of the year. The other bugs have been a problem for us though. Nothing helped with that. If mosquitoes are an issue you could try one of those Off clip on things and set it in the doorway at night. We haven't really needed to do this since we stay in the rooms with screens rather than glass windows.

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    Default Screens

    We just came back from our Weddingmoon at CSA and the only bugs we really encountered were a few small ants and flies. We left our balcony door open almost the whole time during the day. The only reason I can really see to bring a screen would be to be able to hear the ocean at night. Honestly, there are a thousand times more bugs in NC than there was in Jamaica.

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    We've been to Jamaica 6 times and always sleep with our doors open. We have never experienced any problem with mosquitoes or any other bug other than sugar ants. And those are easily taken care of by not leaving any food or sweet drinks in your room. I really don't know why people suggest a mosquito netting for the room as it is not needed.
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