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    Default Couple questions about CSA

    We have never been to Couples or Jamaica for that matter. Having never been we have a couple questions if anyone could help.
    I was wondering if the catamaran cruise and the glass boat ride have a secure place to put our belongings?
    Is the water purified?
    Does the resort have a photographer that I could schedual a photo session with? If so, about how much are the photos? We went to Cancun and had a photo session and it was a great way to get some really nice pictures of the two of us...
    I am sure I will have more questions as our vacation gets closer. We are looking so forward to our vacation at CSA...can't wait!!!
    Thanks for your help!

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    When we were there in November the resort photographer was always around taking pictures of us, weather we bought them or not. They were displayed at the Great House, and were 10 dollars a picture. At first I was hesitant about him taking my picture, but then we started posing in case he got a good one. He was always around, and always willing to take photos if we wanted him too.

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    We just got back from our 6th trip to CSA... Here are the answers to your questions:
    1. Catamaran cruise -- no. Don't bring anything "valuable". Bring a towel, your camera (maybe) and a few dollars to tip the crew. (Not Couples Employees!) You will be with your stuff the entire time, except for when you are swimming at the cave. (Optional.)
    Glass Bottom Boat Ride -- no, but you are on a small boat with at most 20 other people. You can hold your stuff on your lap, or leave it in your room. No real need to take anything with you anyway. Pictures won't turn out well.

    2. The water on the entire island of Jamaica is purified. You can (and we do) drink the tap water. They also provide bottled water in your room.

    3. Yes. The prints are $15 each or you can select from a number of different value packages. We actually purchased 3 pics this year (random shots around the resort.) It was really nice.

    Enjoy your trip. We are ready for #7 next year.
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    Well I'm not sure what belongings you plan to bring on either the Cat Cruise or the Glass Bottome Boat or what you're wishing to secure them from.

    I'm assuming you just mean your camera, and that you prefer to keep it from "walking away" in which case I'd say no. Of course in 6 trips to Jamaica I've never had an issue with anything walking away - by the time you get to the cove on the catamaran druise you will have made friends with someone sitting near you that will choose to not go swimming and they wil hold your camera for you.

    There is an on-site resort photographer - pictures are a little pricey but I agree with you -a GREAT way to get some very nice pictures - keep in mind that the photographer is not a Couples employee though and is a contractor - I tipped mine.

    Purified water? I've never gotten sick from it - of course the Grey Goose may kill any bacteria that might have still been in it kidding - the water is fine.

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    I was wondering about our cameras and personal items too if we decide to swim or go diving off the catamaran...would definitely give me peace of mind knowing my stuff will be safe while I'm having a good time off the boat!
    Danielle & Mike
    ----> Honeymooned at CSA June '11!
    --------> Really can't wait to be "home" again!

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    I have left cameras in a bag in the catamaran "booze cruise" while swimming around and not had a problem. Of course this is a cheap point and shoot, not a nice DSLR. Of course if you get out of the water and see your camera is missing, not really any place for someone to run to, eh? But a small bag you can tie off and secure would be fine. It gets a bit chilly on the way back at times so many folks bring a change of clothes or towels.

    The water in Jamaica is safe to drink, they don't have bacteria like Mexico. Not sure if it is purified any different than American water, but the tap water, ice, etc is fine. Folks may find the food, spices, etc gives them some GI trouble though, so a small stash of imodium may be useful.

    There is a resort photographer shooting pics at dinner. I'm not sure if you mean to take pics like engagement photos, but I'm sure something can be set up. The waiters are also more than happy to shoot pics with your camera, so long as the flash won't bother other guests.

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    First, take a deep breath. Once you go to a Couples resort you will know why so many return again and again. The catamaran cruise is a blast! It goes out a few times during the week, so go the first time with your camera,etc, and go again with nothing to worry about but your love. What fun it is to be carefree!!!
    The glass bottom boat is a sweet ride looking thru aa window in the bottom of a boat, no camera necessary. If you want to see the reefs, take the snorkel trip and a disposable waterproof camera.
    Water is great, hydrate, hydrate in the heat! all resort water is safe.( but it is true it does dilute alcohol) Make friends with the resort photogs, make sure you catch them every night and on the beach - go to the desk and ask when will be seeing them around the resort. Even other guests will certainly take a pic of you both - they have for me, meet new friends and ask! Have a great time ,eve06, and when you return, please post a review to this thread so that we may know about your vacation I'll post a resort photog pic here for you.

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    When we were at CSA recently, they had several photographers roaming around at all times during the day to take pictures. You can then go view them and decide if you want to purchase any. They're pretty pricy but most turned out well. I suggest asking for Cecil if you set up a private shoot - he was the most personable and seemed to put the most effort into the photos.

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    I've never been to Couples (booking my first trip tonight or tomorrow), but I have been on A LOT of Caribbean vacations. I've mostly done cruises, but I did that *other* all inclusive in Ocho Rios. I ALWAYS go on one or two excursions that involve boats and me swimming, diving or snorkeling. I've never had an issue with theft, nor have I heard of anyone having one. Though the crew isn't Couples staff, I'm pretty sure that the owner of the the catamaran company is making a very nice living, as are his staff, in an extraordinarily poor economy. I can't imagine the staff would jeopardize that.

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    Thank you all for such great comments and answering my questions!!! Ya~ Beer_Sudas I was just thinking about my camera. I would hate for it to "walk away" and then not have anything to take pics with but It is great to know that while on the cat. crusie if we wanna take a swim my camera won't grow legs. I like the fact the a photographer is always walking around...when we went to Cancun we had to set up at least a half hour session to have photos takin. I am sure I will be posting more questions, but for now I just need April to get here so we can be on our way to CSA!!!!

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