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    Hello Everyone!

    First off let me start by saying I will be at CSA for the first time in 60 Days!!!

    Anyways, my question is about the WIFI. I was curious how strong the signal strength is? Are you able to pick up the wifi throughout the resort including the beach? I have an Android powered phone and have the app "TANGO" and would like to video call some family & friends back home.

    Thanks in advance! Can't wait to see this place everyone calls home!


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    Wi-Fi works pretty much everywhere on the resort, but as typical of Wi-Fi signal strength depends on your location. Some better locations than others. Had no problems with my BlackBerry or iPod Touch using Skype even from the beach. No worries. Just ask for a login and password voucher when you check in.

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    Wifi has been greatly upgraded since our last trip. It worked very well at all areas of the resort.
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    Thanks Tom & Erin! Can't wait!

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    Sublimebrad -

    That's good to know. Last year, we had wifi signal in our suite, but we thought it a bit slow, but effective. Headed back in October AND May! ;-)

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    LEaving today from CSA and was REALLY bummed at the WIFI. We wanted to skype our children and the only place to actually get good strength was in the greathouse and it was LOUD so we had to drag the computer over and sit outside of the restaurant, which was loud. We had one little bar in the Atrium room and it didnt even let us get wifi on computer but my iphone was able to get email ONCE and awhile. SO on that note if you want good WIFI do NOT get the old section it wont work. Sorry. It was a real pain.

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    We had issues this past May. We were in an Atrium and the first two days the signal was perfect. The third, I had to walk don near the wedding area and stand directly under the tower to get a signal. I could then walk back to my room, but as soon as I stepped on my verandah, the signal would drop. I called and ask if the router outside my room could be reset, and within hours, we once again had a string signal.

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