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    we were at h3 last june & were wondering if CSS was anything similar? we liked the atmosphere, but want to go to a higher rated resort with the same (nude) things. I assume the pool is optional nude? anyone help/comment? PLEASE feel free to contact us at we are leaning heavy toward going the last part of june 2010. any pics,info,etc. would be appreciated.

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    I think if you are looking for the same atmoshphere as at the H resort, you will not find it at Couples. Couples is a resort for "Couples" in love. The type of things that are rumored to happen at H would not be allowed at Couples. We chose couples for our AN experience rather than the other resort because the atmosphere was not what was at the other resort. We wanted the romance, along with the freedom to go AN.

    As far as the pool at SSB goes, it also is AN.

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    Nope CSS is NOTHING like H3. It is MUCH more laid back and no overt PDA's. A much classier resort in general that just oozes with romance not sex.
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    Not even close. It you want anything close to Hedo, then stick with Hedo. It's one of a kind.
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    I can't think of anything farther apart than CSS and H3. CSS does have the lovely au naturel Sunset Beach, with pool and bar/grill. They had scavenger hunts and other activities when we were there in Jan., but again, that was limited to SSB.

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    we have been to both.

    We had a lot of fun at H-III but we were not a fan of the singles that are allowed at H resorts that sometimes can be a problem.

    Rooms are nicer at CSS and you have room service, the beach at H-III is really small so the a/n beach at CSS is good.

    No PDA's allowed at Couples, you can still party though!

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