Just returned from CTI this past Tuesday. Went to the island on Friday when it opened, set up shop in front of the tower facing the sea, disrobed ( for the first time ever), and enjoyed the sun. For those of you that have never done it before try it, I cannot tell you how wonderful it really is. After about an hour more people arrived, yes the pool is more active then the right side. Got up and ordered drinks and stayed for about 2 hours. Did not have time to go Saturday or Sunday due to a family members wedding, but did go back on Monday. Had the intention of only staying for two hours and it ended up being 7 by the time we left. Set up right by the pool this time, meet some really nice people and had lunch there. As all the reviews say, no one judges you or cares, were all there for a relaxing time. My ending words- TRY IT. Have plans to go next August already.