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    Default tell me all you that know!

    ok, i have read that when the van leaves to take you back to the airport at the end of your trip that you have to ride with the ones departing at 8am even if you are not to depart until 2pm! help me i dont want to do anything wrong and miss our flight but i also dont want to spend hours sitting in the airport! Advice please!!

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    you leave for the airport about 3 hrs before your flight. they will place a note under your door the night before you depart telling you when to meet at the front desk. This isn't their first rodeo, they'll take care of you

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    I think it probably depends on how many people are departing on the same day as you. We went home on a Friday. Our flight left at noon and we were on a bus that left at 7:00. We had friends that had a flight leaving around 2/2:30 and they left on a bus at 9. After we got to the airport and got through check-in and security we had about 2 hours to kill (and that was at a very un-crowded airport so we got through things quickly.) You will have a note left in your room on the day before you leave letting you know what time to have your luggage outside your room and what time to be in the lobby for the bus.

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    Don't know which resort you are staying at, but there are shuttles that leave at all times of the day for people departing at differnt times. A day or 2 before your departure they will slide a piece of paper under your door letting you know when to have your luggage ready, and what time to be in the lobby. We stayed at CSA last September and our flight was at 2. We didn't leave the resort until around 10am. No worries, you won't have to ride in with the people leaving earlier.

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    Ok, i'm not sure where you heard that but it doesn't happen with any of the Couples Resorts. You must have been talking to people that have gone to other resorts.
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    The last day/night of your trip they will put a letter in your room with the time you need to be ready to leave. Worse letter ever!!!! The time is about 4 to 5 hours before your flight. I know this blowes but it takes 1.5 hrs to get back to airport and then you need time to check- in and go through customs. The good news is there are lots of places to shop in the airport should you get through customs early.

    Or if you really want a few more hours at Couples you can book a charter flight back to MBJ.

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    Couples is very, very worries!

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    Considering you have to be at the airport 3 hours before departure for international flights, and then the 1 1/2 hour trip you would not leave with someone departing at 7 am. There are buses coming and going all the time.

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    I hate the darn "good bye bus"...I hate seeing it drive up.

    Hugs from 10 0 C

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    You won't be leaving at the same time as those catching an 8 AM flight, I'm not sure if there are even flights out of MBJ at 8 AM.

    But, you will be leaving the resort about 4 hours before your flight time, and you may be glad of it. We have had a couple of occasions where we were literally running through the concourse to catch our flight out. MBJ is notoriously unpredictable for wait lines and delays in security and baggage inspections. Add to that the screwy service and schedule changes of the airlines and you have the possibility of needing every minute that they give you to get through the airport and catch your flight. Leaving Jamaica can be an adventure in itself.

    On all our previous trips we have had flight times out of Jamaica at noon or before, which had us boarding the bus at 8 AM or earlier. This year we are scheduled to leave at 2:30 PM. We are hoping that we have time to sleep in a little bit and have a good breakfast before we have to leave CSA.

    As stated above, they know what they are doing and will take good care of you from arrival to departure.

    Relax, have a great trip!

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    Yeah, the eviction notice always comes way too soon. You can see it in couples' eyes... we call 'em dead men (and women) walking... saddest thing you'll ever see.

    The notice will tell you what time you need to check out and what time you need to have your bags outside your door. They'll pick 'em up for you, and you will ID them before they are put on the bus. For some reason, the leaving bus always seems fuller than the arriving bus.

    They try to have you at the airport 2 to 3 hours before your departure, and you'll generally need all of that. If its really busy, you will have a hard time getting to do much shopping.

    Anyway, don't worry... they'll be sure you get there in timely fashion.

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    They have vans leaving at different times to accommodate everybody.... what you read is not the case at Couples. You'll get the 'eviction' notice a day or two before telling you when to have your bags out and when to be at the lobby for your departure van. Usually it's 3-4 hours before your flight leaves. That is just about right in our experience. Couples will take care of all of this for you, don't give it another thought.

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    thanks everyone! info very helpful!

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