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    Default First week of March 2012

    Love this board! So much information, so much time left 'til we leave. I'm going crazy with excitment! My wife is totally opposite. She'll get excited a few days prior to departure. Celebrating our 25th, figured I had to do something really good for putting up with me all these years Have her half convinced to try the island. Her being the social butterfly that she is, I figure about half an hour and she'll be fine. I grew up on Guam, so I'm hoping going nekkid as an adult won't be too weird. Hope to make some new friends.

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    We also celebrated our 25th on Tower Island and also our 30th. Will be there 2/26 tp 3/5. Your and your wife will love the island.

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    We just booked our trip to CTI for March 2, 2011 through March 10, 2011. We will indeed be going to the Island. See you there!

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    Ha! Our trip is in March 2-10, 2012, not 2011! We were at CSS in February, 2011, though!
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    We just booked our 10th trip to CTI for March 3-10, 2012! It will be so nice to escape the Michigan winter, and spend our days at CTI out on the isle. We've never been to CTI this particular week, so we are looking forward to meeting new friends.

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    We just booked for Adolph's 60th birthday! March 3-10. Join us for birthday cake on the island March 8th!

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    We are ariving on the 8th, but in the evening after a long run from the UK. Will be on the island on the 9th - any chance of saving some cake for us?

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    adam and jenn will be there feb 27 - march 5 for our honeymoon. this is our first trip to cti, but 4 couples trip. we will make it our to the island to meet some new friends.

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    Mike Lydia will be there 3-10th!! Can't wait!!

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