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    Default Single Digit Dance!!

    So excited to be making our 4th trip to CSA next week.

    The countdown clock on my computer has reached 6 days and 15 hours and and I will be watching it during this very long week of work. Now the excitement begins. Time to make sure all those last minute items are purchased. We get to start packing (then unpacking) going to try to bring as little as possible this year since we are paying for checked bags on US Air. Then my favorite part of putting together a collection of Reggae music to listen to for the trip. This year we are bringing a netbook since US Air doesn't offer in flight entertainment. Any suggestions for the movie we should watch on the way over? Coming from California so will have plenty of time on the plane.

    We simply cannot wait to return to our beloved CSA. I can already hear Ultimate Chocolate at the piano and the bartenders at the Swim-Up Bar.

    I would like a Vodka and Ting please.....
    No Worries

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    12 Days for us,, 1st trip and really excited...

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    Right there with you. 8 days to go! We are going with THREE Couples virgin couples so our 4th time to CSA will be full of vicarious joy seeing them experience it for the first time.

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    6 Days to go....woooohooooo!
    Dee & J

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    We are on the red-eye Saturday night - hopeful that we can grab a nap instead of a movie.
    Sooooo excited!!

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    3 days to go and I CANT STAND the wait. CSA please be sunny! Someone said on the boards its been raing from day to night everyday there for a few days!!! I need sun for my wedding!!! So stop the rain dance people over there lol

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    Alrighty Then!! Tonight, Three Days then "Try" to sleep and then it's off to the airport. I'm having trouble sitting still. I feel more excited than a 5 year old the night before christmas. ;-) Rum...Beach...Rum Rum Beach Beach.... Gon to be sooooo good!!

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    I'm soooooo jealous - we're at 176 days!!

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    Default Wooohoooo!

    2 days until we're married, 3 until we arrive at CSA! Unable to contain my excitement!

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    5 days to go for us. I'm ridiculously excited.

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    Default Congratulations!

    Quote Originally Posted by MTFandTMF View Post
    2 days until we're married, 3 until we arrive at CSA! Unable to contain my excitement!
    Congratulations! Maybe we will see you there.
    No Worries

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    9 days for us! Happy Dance! The Razzls

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    Default Movie Idea

    If you have not already seen it -" Couples Retreat" is a good one to watch on your way down. We did that a couple of years ago and it was great!


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    Be down there soon also...only 14 days now.

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    As of today we are at 10 days.....

    But who's counting?

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    Doing the single digits dance right now. woo hoo!!!!!

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    11 days for us... cant wait, Cant Wait, CANT WAIT!!!

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    5 Days now for us,, already packed and ready to go... haha

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    Single digits for us today.

    I have a very different feeling about our trip this year. I am very calm about the whole thing. Just looking forward to loading up and getting on the plane. I think I will be able to savor the little things this year better than in the past. I want to enjoy the journey and pay closer attention to the details of traveling and our week in Jamaica.

    We'll see how I hold up in the next week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtleg View Post
    As of today we are at 10 days.....

    But who's counting?
    We are!!! We will be there the same day you will. Single Digits!!!

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