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    Default Documents when booking thru Couples?

    Hi everyone, this is the first time we booked our Couples vacation through the Couples website. Wondering if we will get anything in the mail or not? We always received a voucher and other docs from the travel agent in the past. Nothing has arrived yet...we leave in 9 days.


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    You should have received an email confirmation with your reservation number and verification of the room category you selected. Within this email will also be the opportunity to pre-purchase certain amenities and tours.

    We now always book through the Couples website an all we receive is the email. I print that off and bring it with us. Make sure you do the pre check-in (on this website) so they will know when to expect you at the Couples Lounge. Once you arrive at the Lounge give them your name and tell the host what resort you are going to--then grab a Red Stripe or hit the bathroom before the shuttle takes you to the resort.

    Have wonderful trip!

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    Nope, just an email you can print out. 8 days to go

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    We've never gotten anything.
    To clarify, just an email.
    Have a great trip!
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    That would make me nervous as well. I would call Couples and confirm there is no additional paperwork needed or required...

    Enjoy!!! when you get there. It will be awesome.

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    suzyQ-would you mind pointing us to where you do the pre-checkin? I'm sorry, I'm not seeing that on the site.

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    print off all of your email confirmations and do the pre-check in online.

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