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    Default Bus to/from airport?

    Hey everybody, my fiance and I are planning on booking a honeymoon to Swept Away and would like to know a bit more about the transportation to and from the airport. Are there regularly scheduled busses, and if so, is there a website for scheduled?

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    The buses run continuously, so you don't have to worry at all about scheduling it. As long as Couples knows you are checking in (regardless of how you get to the airport or how you booked) then they will be waiting for you. Just look for the lounge (pic below), check-in with the smiling people at the desk and you're all set! The longest we've ever had to wait for a bus was ten minutes - just long enough to finish a beer from the bar.
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    Hi there, the buses run exclusively to couples resorts. You head to the couples lounge once thru immigration etc, and wait 30 minutes max, with a cold complimentary beer. The buses hold approx 10 guests max and depart regularly. Best service ever. Enjoy

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