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    Default CSS December Ocean and Pool Temp

    I have been doing a lot of research on the Message Board for several months now and have not really found any threads that deal with the temperature of the water in the Ocean and Pool during the December timeframe. Are the water temps still warm during this time of year, or is it the type that after a while you get used to the cold?

    My wife and I generally vacation either at Virginia Beach or the Outer Banks during the early summer when the water temps are just starting to warm up, but on some days it can still be pretty cool. We can definitely deal with the cool temps, just have never been to Jamaica before and was kind of curious.

    We are also interested in trying out SSB and I have read that the White River that empties into the Ocean right in front of SSB has pretty cool temps. Does it continue to stay cool as you go out or does it eventually warm up? Not sure I would like being a little blue from head to toe while in my birthday suit.

    Thanks in advance for your replies.
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    My husband and I were at CSS and SSB last December from the 28th to Jan. 6th. I must say that the pool at SSB was quite frigid because they don't heat any of the pools. But the staff said that this was an unusually cold December. My husband braved the ocean off of SSB a nd he said once you got past the White River the water was quite warm.

    Hope this helps.

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