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    My wife and I will be returning in 9 days to CSA. Cannot wait! The last time we were there we wondered about bringing some of those big shells back. Do you need to declare to customs?? Or the wood carvings as well? Looks as though it has been a bit more rainy than normal down there as well.

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    Plenty of rain right now. We brought back tons of shells and some wood carvings. You aren't supposed to bring shells back but as long as you don't mention them you're fine. We always bring them back and check no on the form. I found 5 conch shells walking along the beach heading North.
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    The first time we brought a shell back and a wooden carving, we didn't declare them. We had no problems. The second time we went, we declared everything and they never looked. I'd say it's better to be safe....

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    We brought one big one back last year, I dont remember if we had to... but we did, and it made it home just fine. See you one the beach.

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    Put the shells in your checked luggage and don't declare them. One thing to note though is that you'll want to rinse them well and allow them to dry in your room prior to your departure or they will be VERY smelly when you get home. You'll have an opportunity to list anything you purchase while in Jamaica on your customs form on the way home, if you buy a carving list it. We always lump things together such as 8 t-shirts or whatever, I'd just state wood carving. It also gives you a line to list the dollar value of the item/s, list what you paid for it and if you bartered you would state what you actually paid not necessarily what was originally asked.

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    I would also check to be sure that there is not a current, non-conch critter in residence in any shell that you decide to pack... close call for us one time... found a crab in one of 'em as we were packing it.

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