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    Default CN the week before Christmas?

    Booked CN for part of the week before Christmas. How busy is the resort at that time of year?

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    Technically, it's still slow season, but ramping up to high season which begins after Christmas. One of the many great things about all of the Couples Resorts is that even at full capacity it doesn't seem like it to the guests. Don't expect to have to wait in line for meals (at least not a long wait) or have trouble finding a beach lounger. It will be terrific regardless of when you go or how many guests are there with you.
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    Vacalover - we may cross paths. We will be doing 6 days, I think December 15-21. I suspect it might be a little busy because the prices jump at Christmas (still lower just before). Regardless, CN seems to be relaxed and uncrowded even during peak occupancy.

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    During the week before Xmas CN is usually not at 100%

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    its very cool. we did last year.
    they have trees and lights on the palm trees.

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