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    Helping my daughter plan for her August wedding at CSA. She was thinking about doing the sand ceremony, but concerned on how she can pack it without messing up the sand. Does it go in the carry on or should it be packed in the luggage? Figure when you come back thru customs they might shake it up!!

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    I was loving the idea of a sand ceremony as well, but i had the same issue... i am worried that it will get all messed up on the way home. I'm going to pass on this idea because of the fact that it may easily get ruined. Maybe if you bubble wrap the container and then put it in a box, it may have a chance. I'm not sure. Good luck!!!

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    I packed kleenex in the top of the container as tightly as I could and then used packaging tape to seal it. Then I put that in the box the vase came in and taped that up too. The top got a tiny bit mixed together but it is 99% intact. I have heard that some people have their confiscated in customs but they were using beach sand. If you use decorative sand it should be ok but I would save the packages and reciept to show the people at customs just in case.

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    I had this same concerns when I was planning my sand ceremony. A lot of the threads I've read said the sand will get messed up and you just have to accept that.

    However I chose a different solution. I'm going to be using a keepsake hourglass for my sand ceremony. This way it doesn't matter how jumbled it gets. We're going to have our 2 different colors and use a base of sand we get from CTI beach. I think it said it best on the website that this way each time we turn the hourglass our two colors will keep mixing until one day you can't tell who's grains were whos. Just like mixing our lives together.

    I will be using Heirloom Hourglass Company.

    Just a thought... that way it doesn't matter how it travels :-)

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    keepsake hourglass - What a great idea!

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    I know this is an old thread, but I thought responding to it would bring it to the top again for others to see. I LOVE the idea of the hourglass! Though they are fairly expensive, they look like they are good quality. I'm wondering if anyone else has done the hour glass and whether it's best to use two highly contrasting colors so that when it's blended, you can still tell it was two colors?

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