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    What an amazing and romatic 10 year anniversary trip to Couples Sans Souci in June 2011! Can't wait to return!
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    1. Only at a Couples resort can you find hearts around your sunsets.
    2. Experiencing the ultimate sunset while staring into the eyes of the love of my life.
    3. Couples Sans Souci bid us farewell with this romantic sunset on our final night.
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    Default Css stairway to heaven

    Css stairway to heaven
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    Default SSB like something out of this world

    Name:  JAMAICA 2011 207.jpg
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    SSB like something out of this world
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    Default My humble entries for June

    The beach and beach walk at CSA
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    After the ceremony and our outside pictures were done (because the rain came again), my new husband grabbed me for a kiss, then basically laid me down in the sand! We ended up in the water after this!

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    This was taken by one of the Couples Message board attendees!!! Nothing was posed.... actually, none of the pictures I posted for this contest were posed. They were all taken at the moment.

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    Default Heart shaped leaf we found in the water at CN.

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    Heart shaped leaf that we found in the water at CN - how appropriate

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    Default Jamaican paradise from sunrise to sunset

    [IMG]http://263519_10150277200113134_766288133_9077846_2829943 _n[/IMG
    The glistening, shimmering water just captivated me and now this picture continues to captivate me.

    This was taken on the glass bottom boat tour (which was lots of fun!).

    Our last morning in Jamaica....bittersweet. But an absolutely gorgeous photo opportunity.

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    Default I love couples swept away!

    We had our honeymoon just recently and shot this amazing sunset from our balcony. Its our favorite pic of the trip!

    Uploaded with

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    Default Couples San Souci in December 2010

    Good Morning Jamaica and all those at CSS!!!
    Name:  Jamaica 274-1.JPG
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    View from the top of CSS!
    Name:  jamaica from phone 071-1.jpg
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    Beautiful sunset on the CSS pond
    Name:  Jan 2011 couples photo 2 sunset at pond-1.jpg
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    Only 19 more days until we get back

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    Default Honeymoon in Jamaica!

    We had such an amazing honeymoon in Couples San Souci. We can't wait to try out a few more Couples destination spots soon!

    Name:  honeymoon2011 245.jpg
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    Name:  honeymoon2011 205.jpg
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    Name:  honeymoon2011 252.jpg
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    Default My third entry for June

    Lot's of great photos this contest month. I don't have a clue who this couple were, but they look like an ad for Couples. This was taken last December at CSA. Their faces can't be seen so no fear of copyright infringement.

    Name:  Liberty Utah 178 [1600x1200].jpg
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    The restaurant at CTI

    the tree in front of the pool at CTI

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    Default Our wedding day June 4th 2011 Couples Swept Away

    CSA June 1st - 7th 2011
    Endless Champagne at our wedding receptionName:  beach.jpg
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    The groom preparing for the weddingName:  patois.jpg
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    Sunset at Patois on our wedding nightName:  Glass.jpg
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    The most beautiful sunsets in the world...Our Honeymoon at Couples Negril, June 13-19, 2011

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    Default My Romantic San Souci Honeymoon/Birthday

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    My photos of my Perfect Honeymoon & 50th birthday at C.S.S. Shared with my Husband,my love, mysoulmate. One of the happiest times of my life, Fun, Romance, Freindship, Peace. Thank You C.S.S We will return

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    Taken our first night at Couples Swept Away, Dec 2009...and here I'd always thought crickets and bull frogs made the best bon fire soundtrack. My mistake - reggae and ocean waves are much preferred.

    Rasta Man and the setting sun on the catamaran cruise.

    If the only activity available at CSA was floating on a raft I would still be happy! Laying on the beach watching the water is great, laying in the water watching the beach is even better!

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    Default December 2010 at CSS

    CSS is Awesome!

    One of the balloons at the Balloon Bar at CSS
    Name:  Jamaica 060-1.JPG
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    One of the Amazing dinners they had
    Name:  march photo contest pic 2-1.jpg
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    Tables set up near the beach for romantic dinners
    Name:  Jamaica 074-2.jpg
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    Default One Love, One Heart, Let's get together...

    Name:  Photo_1.jpg
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    One Love, One Heart - Couples Swept Away, Negril

    April 23-May 2

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    1st Photo "Lil Mermaid on the Rock" : After our beautiful wedding ceremony at CSS, my husband & I went to the lil beach under the spa to do some Trash the Dress pics, this was taken by him. It is my favorite picture

    2nd Photo "Blue Hues" : Taken at the CSS mineral pool, a beautiful end to a beautiful day...

    3rd Photo "On the Cliff" : Taken in the water looking at the gazebo we got married in the day before, why on earth would you wanna get married anywhere else?

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    Default June Contest

    Taken November 2010 at CSA

    1. Writings in the sand
    2. Pool Bar and Grill in the early morning. Getting ready for the beautiful day ahead!
    3. Pathway to paradise!!

    Wishing we could be there now!!!

    Name:  DSC05432.jpg
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Size:  31.0 KBName:  DSC05538.jpg
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Size:  37.6 KBName:  DSC05634.jpg
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    Default June Photo Entries

    Name:  View from CSA pool.jpg
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    Beautiful view from the pool at Couple Swept Away (CSA, August 2007)

    Name:  Rick's Cafe.jpg
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    Catamaran Cruise from CSA to Rick's Cafe (CSA, August 2007)

    Name:  Sunset Ride.jpg
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    Sunset Horseback Ride (CSA, Feb. 2011)

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