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    My fiance and I will be visiting for our HM later this month and have never been to an all-inclusive. We are wondering how things work such as booking excursions or dinners. I have heard some places you have to do this in advance otherwise you will not get a reservation. Any reccommondations on this??? When to do this and where?? Is it difficult to get into the restuarants? Do the watersports, catarman cruise, trip to Maragariataville book up quickly? Also, has anyone visted YS Falls? We are thinking of spending a day there. And finally, should we bring cash and trade it in/ or do they take american cash? Or would credit/debit card be best? Any recommondations would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    Congrats on your marriage! You will love the all-inclusive vacation! Especially at Couples, there is absolutely no tipping Couples employees so you never have to carry cash while on the resort.
    To answer your questions: Anytime after you get your room number, you can then go to the Concierge desk and make your dinner reservations for Otehite and Lychee. No worries on getting a reservation. As long as you are flexible with your eating time, you shouldn't have a problem.
    Excursions: I believe you can book your excursions there as well. (we've never done any)
    The only other question I can answer is about money. No need to exchange, American money is accepted everywhere. However, you will need a credit card for the hotel to hold $300 for incidentals when you check in. This is standard hotel practice. No worries!
    You have chosen my favorite of the four resorts! Have fun!

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    Let me answer/clarify a few things....

    Watersports and catamaran trips are booked at the watershops shop down on the beach, while Margaritaville is booked in the lobby. Cat cruise did fill up, but you can schedule it a day or two early, probably without problems. You may not get a same day reservation.

    We brought cash on our trip a week ago, spent it off-site while shopping, but you won't need cash on-site, except maybe at some vendors on the beach. We never tipped anyone at the resort. I would suggest you limit the use of your credit card so it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. (Note: I would say that about using it anywhere.)

    Exchanging your US dollars for Jamaican shouldn't be necessary at all.

    An interesting note, we found the prices at the MBJ airport to be as good or better than the shopping trip the resorts handles.

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    You book your excursions and dinner reservations after you get your room#. I do not believe they will let you book anything w/o your room#.

    It is not difficult to get reservations, just book when you get there and there are plenty of options for dinner.

    You need very little cash, (just small bills for tipping at airport). Do not exchange $$ for Ja $$. They would rather have US $ and most everyone takes visa/mc

    Never been to YS falls only Duns River but that is too far away, Rick's Cafe is fun if you are there at least for a week.

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    We did the YS Falls and it was beautiful. It was combined with Appleton Rum and river tours. It was a lot of fun! You can book it at the desk in the lobby by the swing. They'll put it on a credit card for you. Bring a little cash in case you want to purchase suvinors.

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    Dinners and included excursions are reserved at the Guest Relations Desk in the lobby.

    Non-included excursions are booked at the Tour Desk in the main lobby.

    The Cat Cruise and other water sports (glass bottom boat, snorkelling, scuba, etc) are booked at the water sports hut on the beach.

    It is not difficult to reserve any of this stuff as long as you do it a day in advance.
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    One reply above mentions getting reservations at Lychee as well as Otehite. Does Lychee now require or advise reservations? I was thinking it was only the other one.
    Any info appreciated-

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhallva View Post
    One reply above mentions getting reservations at Lychee as well as Otehite. Does Lychee now require or advise reservations? I was thinking it was only the other one.
    Any info appreciated-

    Woops! It's been a few years since we've been to CN (and I've turned 40, so I'm losing my memory!). My apologies if I've given the wrong info! According to the website, you do not need reservations for Lychee.
    Sorry everyone!

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