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    Default need more info on some things!

    Our honeymoon at Tower Isle has been more than expected, except for one thing........there needs to be more information on activities inside and outside the resort. We went to the Chukka Canopy Zip Line tour but almost missed the van becauwe we were not told that it only goes at two certain times of the day, she said "yes mon, come to the lobby", VERY stressful. Then our Tye-N-Dye "class" required us to bring out own shirt or BUY one from the gift shop. This made us late and the dye was getting cold so our shirts are faded looking and we were questioned why we came so late! The BIGGEST problem was we were NEVER told that the departure bus back to the airport leaves at 10:15am and that we HAD to be at the airport THREE HOURS before our flight!!! Conveniently enough there is a "paid entrance lounge" at the airport for us to BUY drinks or souvineers while we wait! WE MISSED OUR HONEYMOON COUPLES MASSAGE BECAUSE OF THIS!!!! I scheduled our massage early the morning of our departure, then by chance the Photo Shop informed us that we had to leave at 10:15!

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    Is there only one time for the bus to head back to the airport?? If it runs at 10:15, we wont get there until 12:15 and our flight leaves at 2:30, which isn't three hours before hand! I'm concerned now!

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    The first thing I would address with you is that the departure bus doesn't leave at 10:15, it leaves when YOU need it to leave. The resort plans to have you at the airport 2 hours prior to your flight per airline requirements and they generally allow 2 hours for travel...yes, this is a little extra time but if you run into slow traffic you'll still have time to make that 2 hour requirement. Departure buses leave at all times of the day depending on when guests flights leave. You would have received a written notice under the door of your room explaining many departure instructions including the time your luggage should be outside your door and the time your bus would leave, this note would have been left a couple days prior to your departure date.

    As far as the outside tour you arranged I guess I'm not sure what happened there but it seems a miscommunication...what time did you think the bus would leave? Did you think there ere many departures or how did you think it worked? If there wasn't a clear communication why didn't you take the initiative to ask for clarification?

    Many people here have discussed the tie-dye class and this is the first I've heard of a complaint, most people say they really enjoyed it and while they felt the sizes of shirts were odd no one has mentioned such a misunderstanding as you had. Perhaps others will address this issue further.

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    I am sorry you left with such negative feelings. When you are unsure how something works just ask questions... better to have all the info than to miss or be late for something. Also, the couples bus leaves when it needs to get you to the airport at a certain time, it is not always 1015. They are just trying to ensure that you get to the airport in time. 3 hours is what is recommended for an international flight. That is what couples is going by. We left at 1015 for a 2 flight and almost didn't make it through customs in time. Then when we got through we were delayed 4 hrs! I now know mbj inside and out. However if our flight was on time we would have been cutting it close! We were informed the day before of our departure time. Assuming you had the same notice (in writing in our room) you should have adjusted your message time. Don't blame couples because you weren't prepared or didn't ask questions, couples will bend over backwards to accomadate you and help in anyway, but they aren't mind readers and they do not know what you do or don't know.

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    The Activities Sheet I remember from CSA had all that information--cost, where, when, etc. That's too bad that those sheets didn't have the specifics. I also get specifics when going on a tour because everything has a schedule, especially tours. Of course I am the type to over prepare. I'm glad, besides the lack of information, you had a good time at CTI.

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    Hey--Hope you guys are well and doing great. Are you going HOME to Jamaica this October?

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