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    Default I need a name please ???

    Just got home from CN a few days ago, and I must say that always miss it when we return home. But this time I am looking for the name of the acoustic band that played there. They were four older gentlement and I just have to find a cd or something from them. Can anyone help me ?

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    One of the mento band members at CN is called "King Seki" by the bartenders - not sure of the spelling.

    He is an elder gentleman, missing a few front teeth but always smiling and occasionally found near the beachgrill before their performances at Cassava.

    That's the only lead I can think of.

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    The "acoustic band" you're probably refering to is the local Mento Band (unfortunately, their name escapes me).

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    Hi, the only thing that comes to my mind is BB King. He is the one that sits while they are playing. Hope this helps. I'm sure we seen or visited with you in the pool. Did you give me a Jamaican apple that looked like a pear. We are so missing our second home!

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    "The Sunshine Band" maybe??.?

    There was another called something that sounded kind of like a Bluegrass band name to me also.... maybe " The Walkers"?? Seriously, it's almost on the tip of my tongue, but I can't come up with it!!

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    The name of the Mento Band at CN is "B.B. King and the Westerners". Is this who you're looking for?

    There are also several locals who roam the beach and play for the beach people.
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    mskeyspirate, if it's the mento band email me: & I'll send you a CD I once bought - I never listen to it so it may as well go to someone who does ;o)
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    The old guy missing some teeth played the box. I think it said BB King and the West Indies or something. I could never find anything online. I have a few pictures of them and a small video clip. And he was at the Beach Bar like stated before. We sat with him a few times.

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    Default Mento Band Member

    When we were at CN in April of this year, we bought a CD from the gentlemen who calls himself "BB King". He autographed the CD "Cecil Champs" or "Chams," (hard to read), and also wrote "BB King" and "Mento" on the CD. It was one night during an after dinner stage show. PS, my husband says, "do not try to out-drink this man", HA. We enjoyed talking with him.

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