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    Default Dengue Fever and Vaccinations

    Hi all,

    My fiancee and I will be on our way to CTI in 1 week after our wedding on June 11. I had heard a few things about Dengue Fever being on the rise in Jamaica. Has anyone had (or heard of) any issues with Dengue Fever? Are there tons of mosquitos? Just wondering how much bug spray to pack. Also, did anyone get any special vaccinations? I hadn't heard of anything in particular, but I figured this would be the place to ask.

    Can't wait!

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    My hubby and I visited our local clinic in which they have a "travel clinic" that gives any vaccinations and advice for a particular destination. For Jamaica, we just needed to make sure we were up to date on regular vaccinations like flu, MMR, & Tdap. It was also recommended to get Hep A, Hep B, & Typhoid (which I believe was a precaution for eating shellfish??... can't exactly remember but it was recommended). Although, after talking to some of our friends who have traveled to the Caribbean, getting the extra vaccines doesn't seem to be very common at all. I think it's just extra precaution as there is very low risk in getting anything. I'm sure some will say vaccines are not needed, and it sounds like it is rare that anyone does get the vaccines before traveling to Jamaica, but I am just sharing the advice given to me from a medical professional. As for dengue fever precautions, we were recommended to bring bug spray with deet. I hope this was helpful, and enjoy your trip!

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    It never hurts to have an up to date tetanus shot. Mydoctor suggests one every 5 years.

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    We visited Roatan, Honduras in February and visited a travel clinic before hand. Got the malaria meds but was told there is no vaccination or preventative meds for Dengue Fever. Just use lots of deet.

    Got everything done or updated for Central America but don't see it being an issue in Negril Jamaica. We won't be getting a booster for our September trip.


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