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    Default We're not picky people, but...

    That's always how the bad review starts, isn't it? If you're on this message board then you're much like me in that you research your vacation spots. Peppered amongst the great reviews are a few from those that seem to have completely opposite experiences and they always cast a shadow of doubt on our minds. One might wonder if it's a plant from another resort or something like that. Unfortunately, I had the displeasure of meeting someone at a recent trip to CSA who was just the kind of person who might write one of these bad reviews. It amazed me to hear what this woman had to say and honestly made me sad for her that she was in the middle of paradise and was still so unhappy. This was our second trip to CSA and won't be our last so rest-assured that we think it's wonderful! There are some people, however, who will always find something to complain about and if you're one of those people, then maybe CSA isn't for you.

    So... here's a summary of the complaints she shared the day after her arrival.

    For future reference, you probably shouldn't come to Jamaica or CSA if you...

    Don't like driving through towns with "poor people who live in shacks."
    Don't like to see goats roaming on the side of the road.
    Don't like rough, bumpy roads.
    Think you might have been duped by the photos on the website.
    Are terrified of lizards.
    Are terrified of birds.
    Can't stand the sight of an ant in your room.
    Think your room must be ready no matter what time you arrive.
    Think your room should be brand new and perfect.
    Like to travel with your own cleaning products.
    Don't like the heat.
    Don't like to walk.
    Don't like sand.
    Don't like people who try to sell you things.
    Don't like when people try to get too "gourmet" with food.
    Don't like getting your hair wet.
    Know you're never coming back after just one day.

    Many Jamaicans are not wealthy people but every, single one we encountered was lovely. They don't live like us but they seem genuinely happy with their lives. I love the shuttle ride to the resort when I get to see some of the country. Plus, this is the tropics... you're going to see a couple bugs here and there! We're not talking about an infestation or swarms... just a couple ants or a mosquito once in a while. Plus, those lizards and birds eat those bugs so they are welcome! I've stayed in 5-star resorts and if you look close enough, you're going to find a little chip in a tile, crack in the wall, tear in a curtain. As long as the room is clean and comfy (which they are) I'm happy. The gourmet food is amazing and the vendors, the sand, the water, the heat is all what makes Jamaica so special.

    I understand that it's not for everyone but I think you should know what you're getting into before you just go somewhere and then complain about it.

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    What a great thread! I also feel really sad for people that are so trapped in their mind about how things should be, instead of being open to all the experiences life has to offer. They miss all the beauty all around them. Couples has been one of the best travel experiences I have ever had, and I think its because all of the resorts have heart. Thank Goodness most people can feel that!!!

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    Well said!

    I'm one of those people that does not like the over-pushy people trying to sell me things, but I've learned to say no thanks and keep walking. I think Jamaica is a pretty big culture shock for those people who have been sheltered in the states for most of their lives. But all in all, it's a beautiful island, the people are beautiful and experience is amazing.

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    Well Said lvmcgill.

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    Amen and ya mon....

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Jeff (Mandynjeff)

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    Well said!!!

    It always amazes me how some people will be miserable regardless of what they have, where they are, or what they're doing.

    I do feel bad for these people. We met people at CTI a few years ago that were so miserable because their room was on the 2nd floor and not the 3rd that they complained about it non-stop but refused to ask to be moved as they didn't want to seem like "those" people. Instead they made themselves miserable by complaining the whole trip.

    Sometimes people need to stop and realize that they should probably just stay home as they're never going to be happy.

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    I could not agree more. What I like are the ones that start out with "We normally go to "S" resorts, but thought we could try something different or step out of our box or have so many great reviews" and then they go on to blast their resort of choice complaining about the everything from the check in, to people not smiling enough or what ever silly they can come up with.

    When the truth is that they really want to be at "S" resort and either it was not available or they were not having any pricing specials, who knows. But they spend their whole trip comparing the two completely different resorts instead of enjoying where they are. We have been guilty of that when we are on other islands, not enjoying where we are, but comparing and most, for us come up lacking when compared to Couples.

    But the reality is that some people are never happy, some don't want to be happy and some just feel better about themselves if they complain about other people.

    Thank you though for the smile today, I loved it!

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    To each their own. Some of our favorite moments are when we venture off the resort on a day trip to explore and meet the locals.
    I'm glad I'm not this person's spouse!

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    Please try not to have Jamaica and Jamaicans summarized in an hour's drive from Montego-Bay to Negril.

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    Great thread! It sounds like that woman should have stayed home. I was one of those sheltered people that lives in the states. Going to Jamaica was a real eye opener for me several years ago. They are some of the niecest people you will ever meet. They live life simply and seem far more happy than many people I know. I can't wait to get back "home." Hopefully next year!

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    True fact! That reminded me of a trip review I read regarding a large family resort. According the reviewer there were "children every where" (uh--it's a family resort), but the real giggler was she was the only carrying a Louis Vitton bag, there weren't even any Coach or Dooney Burke. Dang- how does that happen. eh better she stay home next time.

    As Blondie we stated, we have also done the comparison thing at another resort, you can't help yourself. But we still tried to make the best of it (CTI was closed for Renovations and by the time we decided we would try CSS, we couldn't get there.

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    I am sorry you had to listen to her complain, imagine how miserable she must be when not in a tropical paradise. The only thing we didnt just love about our trip was they made us leave. 21 day till we return home.

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    we met someone who didn't like being in the ocean, didn't like sea food and her fiance' didn't like rum while at css....why even bother going on vacation in the Caribbean then?

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    Your comments are so very true... I once read a review on trip advisor about how someone's trip was ruined because 1 day the wall street journal did not arrive at the room and they saw a lizard on the wall in the open air hallway... ridiculous....

    I do think that people need to be responsible in doing trip research and making sure that the destination suits their needs. I have learned to not recommend trips to friends... Several years ago, I had 2 great vacations in Punta Cana, DR. A friend approached me about taking a trip there and I highly recommended the area. However, I explained in depth the details of the area. She booked a lower resort class due to a "good deal" which I advised her not to do. When she got back she was furious... She hated her resort and was angry due to the lack of stop lights and shopping malls.

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    Now that is funny!

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    I am not a picky person but, the Love Bugs are horrible in Florida right now and I can't be on the beach (which is to sandy by the way and the ocean is to cold), I think Florida and the resort should do something about all of this. And one of those lizzards ran up on my wife yesterday. The resort should stop those things from doing this.

    I hope you know I am trying to be funny!!!! It is hard to believe anyone would say those things about a tropical island.

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    Nice post. I enjoyed reading the list and had to laugh as I recognized many of the "complaints" I have read here and there about Couples and CSA in particular.

    It is true, some folks are never satisfied or happy unless they are complaining about something.

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    I encountered that woman, they were sitting next to me on the beach one day. I about died when she said she liked mobay better than negril, and that the beach was nicer there with less vendors, and the food not so ethnic, and there are no "shanty towns" there. I almost fell off my beach chair in laughter....
    Erika & Sean

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    It's so sad when one lives their life with their glass half empty.....they are truly missing out on the beauty surrounding them in Jamaica...from the beautiful landscape of the tropics, to the smiling faces of the little jamaican children showing joy and appreciation when they're given a candy bar or a quarter from a complete stranger.....from the courtesy of the staff who are willing to make your stay comfortable and work hard to prepare a comfortable place for you to lay your head at night to the kitchen staff who work endlessly in a hot kitchen preparing delightful meals for us to nourish our bodies......and let's not forget the staff mixing our drinks with a smile and pizazz which lends for a hootin' good time.....Remember the vendor, who carves with skill to make beautiful mementos for us to take home and remember our journey through paradise.......What a pity some are so blind to all this.....Thank you Jamaica for opening my eyes to real Beauty and Joy.....your people are blessed and i hope a little of it has rubbed off on me......

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    We seem to run into one of these sorry and sad people every trip. Must suck to be them!!!
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    I agree with the other posters on the fact that it's sad that there are people who just don't get it. This will be my 3rd trip to Jamaica and my 1st to a Couples resort (CN in June - only a couple of weeks away!) I absolutely love the Jamaican people and culture and can't wait to come home. I look forward to seeing the little lizards and the birds waiting for some leftovers I can't wait to be able to slow down from the day to day hustle and bustle. I know I will enjoy every minute I'm there!!!

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    Isn't it amazing how people see things differently! The first time I went to Jamaica I felt bad about the way most of them have to live and having people wait on me because they were working so hard for so little. Our first trip years ago there was someone in our group like that. Room was musty, bugs, foofy food. Drove me nuts!!! I just looked at it as an experience in a different culture, and have returned almost every year since!! OPEN MINDS PEOPLE, open minds!!!
    I kept getting yelled at for picking up my drink glasses and taking them to the bar!! LOL
    Great post... thanks.... 209 days til my return!!!

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    What a great thread! I am sorry that you were around that person long enough to hear all those complaints. The ride to the resort was one of my favorite parts! I loved seeing how another culture really lived. It really made me appreciate my own life much more. Not because I had more than the people of Jamaica... but because it seemed that no matter how simple life was for them, they always had a smile. We were told a few very sad stories of life in Jamaica a very friendly local (listen to Morgan Heritage, Nothing To Smile About). No matter the struggles... they keep living and being greatful for waking up one more day. Tourists help keep Jamaica going and the people there do what they can to make us enjoy our stay in their home and keep us coming back.

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    I had forgotten about this one until last night when I was telling my husband about this thread - a couple of years ago we were in Mexico and a woman at the resort was complaining about so many people speaking Spanish.......go figure.

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