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    Greetings Everyone!

    Getting excited for my first trip to CSA on Aug. 1st! This question is for those of you that have been to csa before. Do they offer the catamaran cruise every evening? Does the cruise stop at ricks or does it just anchor in the water and let everyone swim in the caves? I hear the boat has a slide? What time do you leave on the cruise and what time do you come back?

    I was researching online and it looks like the sun sets around 6 in the evening? That is a little depressing. I am used to my long days here on the east coast in the U.S. Regardless I am more then excited to be going to csa!

    Thanks in advance for your replies!


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    Actually, its not an evening cruise, its a late afternoon thing. Disembarks at about 3, and last May there seemed to be one every day (two on one day!). Its a Gilligan thing... a three hour tour. and you get back at about sunset. Being in these particular latitudes, the days and nights are of more uniform length... that is to say, nearly 12 hours of each... throughout the year.

    They normally take you down to a point off the Negril Lighthouse (near Rick's) and then turn around. They may stop for just a bit in the lagoon, and then proceed back up the Cliffs just a bit to a spot known as St. Joseph's Cave, which was featured in the movie "Papillon". Various businesses (Pirate's Cove, Push Cart) have come and gone here, and until early last year, you could swim into the cliffs, climb up a "blow hole", and for the price of a rum punch, jump off the cliff. Of course, now that the lawyers have found Negril, this is no longer allowed.

    But yes, there is a slide on the catamaran, and you can swim in and around the caves. If you're not a strong swimmer, I'd be wary of the cliffs on windy days, or at least wear a life preserver. The cliffs are ancient volcanic rock, with a lot of sharp coral growth on them, so be careful. We prefer to explore the area with our snorkel tubes and masks.

    After about half and hour, they whistle you back to the boat and you're on your way back to SweptAway. Its kind of a neat way to see all the neat (and some not-so-neat) resorts along The Cliffs and The Beach.


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    The cat cruise does not go out every night; it is usually five nights/week. When we were there in January, it did not stop at Rick's (it cruised past Rick's). It anchored near some caves where anyone who wanted could go swimming. There is a slide on the boat, which is a lot of fun. Usually the boat leaves around 3:15 and returns around 6:00 (around sunset).

    The closer you are to the equator, the closer daytime and nighttime match. The sunset is probably around 7:00 at this time of year. The farther north you go, the longer the amount of daylight during the summer (has very little to do with being on the east coast).

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    Wow, looks like that slide could be fun. Hope you didn't hurt yourself!! lol We will be there in 3 days. Can't wait. Swimming near the caves sounds great. This message board has been great for newbies like us. Almost ready to go and won't do anything but enjoy our time on vacation at CSA, because I know it will go fast!!

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    LOL The slide is a blast and the cave is really cool. Your right this message board is great.... even for repeaters! We learn new things on here all the time too, like about the military discount. I had no idea Couples did that. Anyways, enjoy your vacation... take it all in!

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    Does CN have a similar catamaran "booze" cruise? Any difference?

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    BTW .... as of last year, you can't leave the boat without a life preserver, even for the slide.
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    Really? We were just at CSA last October/November and it was optional, according to the safety briefing we were given when we got the the cave. We were the only ones that that did not wear them, but we are really strong swimmers. I will be a little disappointed if that is the case because for people like us it seems to be more of a pain to wear them. I guess I feel that we are all adults and you should know if you need one or not. I guess we will see when we arrive this year! Either way... its paradise!

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    We too the Cat cruise in January 2011 and neither of us wore the life preserver when we went for a swim to the caves. In fact, I don't even remember them mentioning it, outside of the fact that the PFDs were available if you wanted one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markandjannett View Post
    BTW .... as of last year, you can't leave the boat without a life preserver, even for the slide.
    There was no such requirement last week.

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    Maybe they changed it back ..... When we were there last August / September you couldn't leave the boat without one. Personally, I didn't want or need one, but it was either wear one or don't enjoy the slide or cave. That is good news.
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    Wearing the life preserver is optional. We've been to CSA many times and always do that cat cruise and it's always been optional.

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    Perhaps there was an incident in the days leading up to the mandate, albeit temporary. I do seem to recall that there is mention of availability, and Shorty may even had said once, with that mischievous wink, that they were required, but we've never used 'em.

    Again, I'd recommend you DO use the preserver if you intend to swim to the cliffs and caves and are not a strong swimmer.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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