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    Hi Everyone!
    My fiance and I were checking out all of the fun activities online. I came across "tie dye day" and had a question. Do you bring something to tie dye? Buy something there to tie dye? Anyone done this?
    Thank you!

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    We did it at CTI. We missed it the first year, but took our own t-shirts the next year for our kids. They had shirts available, though.

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    We stumbled across the tie dye at CSA on accident. It was raining, and we were roaming around the resort, and viola! Entertainment! They will provide a t-shirt (I think they charged $6 to your room for each) OR you can bring your own thing. I had a white cover-up on that day in which we tie dyed. Also, my husband ran back to the room for a white undershirt. We also did a shirt from the resort.
    I would suggest if you are planning on doing it, bring your own. I think the sizes were limited too.
    Have fun!

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    We did the tie-dying at CN this year. The women who did it was lots of fun. The cost was $7.00 a shirt.

    She will do the complete process for you if you want - we let her wrap up the shirts, but had lots of fund applying the paint and making our own design.


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    They supply the shirts but you can always bring something of your own if you want
    Dorene from Brooklyn (loves CN)

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    We did this at CN. We bought shirts from the tie dye lady - you can also buy them from the resort or bring your own. If you BYOS, you'll still need to pay for the tie dye - it was around $7 in 2008. We bought the shirts from the lady which covered this fee. Many different items from sarongs, tank tops, children's onesies etc.

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    They provided the shirts. It was $7 each at CN. Not sure if you'd get discount for bringing your own shirt or not. Popular sizes did run out. For women, they had v-neck white t's and white wifebeaters. The white v-neck I got (wifebeaters were gone) was kind of strange - very high neckline - so I ripped off the neckline to make it more loose. Next time, I'll probably bring something that I knew fit in a way I liked. But for $7, not a big deal!

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    Do they do tie die at CSS?

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