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    Default csa and ricks/margaritville

    is there a shuttle/boat? or in walking distance? i want to go to margartittavile and buy a shot glass and then literally leave. am debating about about ricks

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    margaritaville is a 5 minute walk down the beach...ricks is a shuttle/cab ride Ricks is top 10 bars in the world at least go see one sunset just remember it is a tourst trap and pricey
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    Hey there! Margaritaville is in walking distance. There is also a van from CSA on some nights. It picks up every hr (I think) after drop off. It is really funny to watch people play the newlywed games and such.

    Rick's Cafe--you can take resort's van over there. OR you can call Rick's Cafe and they will come pick you up. As CSA only leaves you there for a short time, I would suggest having Rick's pick you up.

    I don't recall if it was free or not for Rick's to pick us up? But I'm thinking it was free...

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    yes, too far to walk.

    You have to take a cab, negotiate price, he usually stays outside and waits

    Pricey drinks, mediocre food but very fun place if you are at couples for more than a few days.

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