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    Default SR question!

    We signed up for secret rendezvous for sept. I'm wondering if anyones ever ended up in negril rather than Ocho rios?

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    How did you sign up for a September SR? I called the 800# to ask about August and was talk I had to wait.

    As for anyone going to Negril I have heard of 1 person on Trip advisor going to CSA. However I would not count on it ;-(

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    I have heard it does happen from time to time but more often than not you will end up on Ocho Rios. We got CSS and the place is gorgeous. The Negril resorts are just more popular so there are more rooms available in Ocho Rios. They are all good!

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    We've done SR twice (2006 & 2011) and ended up at COR/CTI both times. We had a great time!

    Planning on going back to CTI in 2012.
    CTI - Nov 06, Mar 11, Feb 12
    CSS - Sep 07, Sep 11, Sep 14
    CNG - Sep 08, Feb 09, Sep 09, Nov 10, Sep 12
    CSA - Jun 13

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    I'm surprised you could book SR so far out. Sorry, don't know about getting Negril over OR.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Nope we went to CSS... although we were hoping for Negril we were pleasantly surprised at how much we LOVED CSS. We are going to try CSA next time and then go back to the sr. Can't beat the savings

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    Hi SnR<3,

    I, too, am surprised that you claim to have signed up for Secret Rendezvous when I just announced the price and availability for travel in July. September rates and availability will not be announcing before end of July, earliest.

    Couples Resorts

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    I'm sorry I should have explained- the couplicious deal for may 25 was September secret rendezvous.. We booked through the one day deal and saved a bundle! We will be happy wherever we wind up but were just curious!

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    Randymon...wasn't that just the Wednesday special a few weeks ago? SR in September?

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    My Bad! Yes , SnR<3 was one of the lucky ones to get this special offer

    Couples Resorts

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    Yes...wasn't it a Wednesday special a few weeks back? It was a great one but we are never available for September

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    SNR would you mind sharing the pricing and how you were able to access SR for Sept 2012?

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    It was a wednesday special on may 25, it was $269 a night!

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    We booked sept '11 not '12... Although we are booked for 2012 were not booked through SR 2012

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    I love the SR, we did one in Dec 2010, and were assigned to CTI and loved it. It does seem like most people get the Ocho side. Where are you heading in Sept 2012?

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    We were surprised and excited to get CSA in January of 09. However, we are always excited to go to any of the four! CSS & CN this Sept. Then back to CSA in April '12.

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    We're getting married and staying 7 nights at CSA and honeymooning and another 7 nights at CTI in sept 2012!!! Super excited!

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