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    Default What do you hate about CN?

    Ok , there have been a few threads about how great CN is...but really let's be truthful here for once . I have a long list of what tickes me off at CN.....please add yours at will!

    The lounge at the ticks me off how when you get there all you can do is relax and unwind from all that great airplane time.
    I also can't stand all of the smiles on the staff when we get there, don't these people know how bad we hate being happy and feeling welcomed.
    Oh and all of that damn sunshine and breeze from the ocean blowing all day come on now can't they do something about that.
    I really hate the way everywhere you look it's all clean and shiny, and those dang grounds keepers, don't they know how bad they me feel when I get home and no one's cut my grass for a week.
    And don't get me started on those bartenders, I swear I know I've waited a mintue or I bet a minute and a half for a drink AFTER I ask for it, really for the money we pay couldn't Couples hire pychic bartenders?
    Last but not least, the you have to make so much of it ALL the time and why do they make all of it good, it would be so much easier on us as guest if they just made us a couple sandwiches and make half of them nasty so it would easier to pick what to eat!!!!
    Ok folks feel free to add to this thread, let's finally tell the truth about CN!!

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    I have not been to CN only CSS and we are returning in five weeks. I also agree with your statements. It is the same at CSS and the nerve of them to treat us like that. Always smiling and going out of their way to make sure you are having a great vacation. We didn't even get to see the lounge at the airport because once we arrived they were already there to pick us up. The nerve of some people.

    CSS is the same way, everything is in tip top shape and clean. Housekeeping always turning your bed down and putting flowers on the bed to make it all pretty. I agree the food is an endless supply and so are the drinks. Room service, wow! As soon as you call I swear they are knocking on your door. I think they are pyshic.

    I truly cannot wait to get back. LOL!

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    I get SO SICK of laying on the nude beach, with the warm breeze not thinking about work, family, money, problems. And then i get hot so I have to cool off in the beautiful ocean, splashing, having fun. ICK. [176 days till i am forced to do it again ]

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    Honestly... the one thing I truly hate when being home at CN.... leaving!!!!

    But I'm sure that's true about all the Couples resorts.


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    It only take one word to describe the one and only thing I hate about CN....... LEAVING. 32 DAYS TIL WE GET HOME AND THEN 14 TIL WE LEAVE... BOO HOO.... Now I'm crying...

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    Doing my 7 day dance (arrive at CN on 6/15) I hate that my hubby & I will only be at CN until 6/20 BUT i'd hate it even more if we weren't going at all
    Dorene from Brooklyn (loves CN)

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    1. After being at CN, you try other resorts, and nothing can compair!!!
    2. Getting spoiled with turndown service and romanticisim and then having to go back to reality...
    3. Not getting to stay longer than 6 - 7 days!!!

    Coming home in 53 days and absoluetly can't wait!!!

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    Leaving is bad enough, but I really hate leaving 6-10 pounds heavier than when I arrive.

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    i jus hate that my hubby and friends and i are newbies and we have to go to such a spectacular paradise! and i jus hate the wait!!! ; )

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    Truthfully, leaving. But I also hate arriving and being remembered. Booo. Feeling like I went home when I went on vacation. Puh-lease. Trying to choose between all those drinks is such a hard decision. The pool or the beach? What's the next drink? What to eat for dinner tonight? These decisions are entirely too hard because everything is just entirely too good. Soon come!

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    Making a DECISION on WHICH Couples to pick! Then having to make a decision on how long to STAY! Then having to make a DECISION on AN or not.

    GEESH....just tooooo many DECISIONS!

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    Nothing.........well, okay........leaving and going back to reality!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary_and_Patti View Post
    Leaving is bad enough, but I really hate leaving 6-10 pounds heavier than when I arrive.
    omg....that is SO true!!

    I guess what I really hate is that CN provides us with endless drinks and the most awesome food
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    LOL.. cute thread!

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    I hate seeing the "good bye bus" pulling up.


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    Quote Originally Posted by tommywommy View Post
    i hate seeing the "good bye bus" pulling up.


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