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    Default what did you bring home

    i love to bring home cool items from where we travel. what cool things have ya'll brought home from jamaica mon. and we are staying at cn. im intrested in jewlery and carvings, but i havent experienced it yet so who knows!

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    If jewelry and carvings is your passion you'll have plenty of choices. For myself I like to bring home shells, wash them well in your room and allow them to dry before packing though and put them in your checked luggage and don't claim them. I always have to have a t-shirt too. Pick yourself up some Blue Mountain Coffee at the airport while you are waiting for your plane. Happy shopping.

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    We picked up some carvings at the craft market about 5 min down the road from CN. There is an official "shopping trip" through the resort that heads over there. One of them was shaped as the island of Jamaica which we turned into a key holder. It's one of my favorite items! I also collect ornaments when I travel (for the Christmas tree to remember our vacations) and have found some unique items for that. Tshirts, jewelry, paintings, flip flops, so many items to choose from - vendors come on property (Mondays I think) who will have plenty of items for you to peruse from glassworks to bags, the aforementioned paintings, flip flops, jewelry, etc. Shop your heart out!

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    Wood carvings, especially turtles.

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    oh sherrynchuck i cant wait! i love coffee and i am guessing that this blue mountain coffee is the best bean ever! everyone gives it great hype.

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    Well....... it actually took a bit to show up......but after about 36 weeks.......

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    Hubby has picked up a bead necklace with the Jamaican colors. We've also gotten hand painted photo frames and gorgeous paintings of the sunset and sunrise. We also picked up a carving, but we have started picking up paintings from locals on our travels now. :-)

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    I always bring a ziplock...scoop up a hand full of sand off the beach and take it home in my checked baggage. I put the sand a decorative jar, label and then place it into our curio cabinet as a reminder where we've been (and may want to come back to).

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    We've bought string macrame bracelets with the Jamaican colors. We buy them from the beach vendors and they cost maybe US $1.00. They're nice to use as bookmarks - just a likkle remembrance of Jamaica. We also buy a small Jamiacan flag from a beach vendor - we put this on a 16" stick and put it in our garden - again, a small and cheap remembrance of paradise.

    If you're looking for carvings, CSA has a woodcarver in when they have "Vendor Wednesday," and I'm assuming CN has this as well. We bought a walking stick from the guy - honestly don't know if he actually made them himself, but we like it. There are also vendors on site during "Vendor Day" (my term) who offer shell and hematite jewelry. Not gems, but there are some cute things available for short money.

    Hope this helps!

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    There is a wonderful artist at CN that creates some wonderful paintings. I can't remember his name, but he is there on Mondays with the other vendors. We bought 2 rather large paintings for $150 (just to give you an idea).

    You will need to have cash with you to purchase from any of the vendors on the beach or across the street at the craft market.
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    On previous trips to Jamaica I found some very unusual earrings. We always get coffee, rum,and spices at the airport. At this moment in time, we probably have more Jamaican and Margaritaville tshirts than common sense. There is also a Harley shop at the airport.

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    We like wood carvings and mrs. dirtleg likes pottery. We have a number of carved birds, lizards, rasta men and an ironwood skull that I think is way cool. We also have a couple of very nice vases we picked up in the gift shop. Don't ask me how we got them home in one piece. We also have a couple of hand painted tee shirts and lots of pictures.

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    I always buy a pair of sandals from the beach vendor. It's become my tradition, and I love wearing them at home as a reminder of our other home. And hubby always gets a tie dyed t shirt from a beach vendor as well. We both wear home our buys to prolong the vacation!

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    Just rum for friends and shirts as well.

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    We always purchase a few CD's from the Swept Away gift shop, hearing the fabulous music of Jamaica always lifts our spirits throughout the year as we count down to the next time we visit our beloved vacation spot. This year will be our 8th vacation to Jamaica!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vacationman View Post
    I always bring a ziplock...scoop up a hand full of sand off the beach and take it home in my checked baggage. I put the sand a decorative jar, label and then place it into our curio cabinet as a reminder where we've been (and may want to come back to).
    Love this. I am SO doing this on the next trip.
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    I love to buy cover ups and everytime i wear it, i think of home

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    frienship bracelets, Tia Maria and soaps and travel candles from a Jamaican company. They have them in the gift shop and
    at the airport. My favorites are jamaican ginger and blue mountain coffee scented candles. Some vendors will have the bracelets that have names on them.

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    A burst eardrum from the fight home, no, that probably doesn't count

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    RUM CREAM...yum! I am not a huge fan of the appleton rum, but sangster's rum cream is delicious and low-alcohol so it is not restricted by US Customs - meaning that you can bring back as much as you want without ever paying taxes on it, just as long as you state that it is for personal use. And it comes in many flavors like banana. There is also blue mountain coffee liquer but that might be limited by US Customs (I can't remember).

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    Fluffin...sounds like you brought home the best kind of souvenir!

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    There is a wonderful woman that comes on Monday, I think, the day that Couples brings in local vendors to display their wares. She makes bowls, containers, candle stick holders, etc, out of wood. She uses several different types, glues them together and then carves them. The result is beautiful. They are multi-colored but there is no stain or paint on them.

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    Memories to last a lifetime of love and laughter and the rest of the world disappearing while you focus on the two of you - and this happens each time we return!

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    #19 Sorry that should be flight, not fight, that sounded bad!

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    Default "Home"

    We brought home sand in a baggie as well. After it was dried we placed it in a small clear bottle with a cork and labeled it. My wife dug up plenty of small shells on the beach. Travel down the beach aways and hit the off site market where there are vendors that have set up shop. They will bargain with you. There was a very nice man there named Cecil. We didnt buy from him the first day, but he remembered us when we went back two days later and made us good deal on wood carvings. He cuts the mountain cedar himself for his carvings. Very nice man, soft spoken, and not pushy at all. Best thing to bring back is memories, and the desire to go back...

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