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    Default CSA walking trail

    hi everyone out there in couples land. i just read on ta that csa has a walking trail (part of the sports complex). can anyone tell me about this. i have not heard anything about this up until now.

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    It is (or was) one of those multi-station exercise trails... not very long, winds through the sports complex area, with some exercise apparatus along the way. I'd forgotten all about it myself, but I truly don't know if its been maintained or if it still exists.

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    I think it is actually a jogging track - but no one will stop you from walking it! Its about a quarter of a mile long, it starts behind the squash courts and goes around the back of the tennis courts.

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    The jogging trail is very nicely maintained. They repaved the trail a few years ago. It is closer to 1/3 mile if you include the loops at the far side of the tennis courts. I am not a jogger, but use it to walk a lap or 2 to cool down after my workout. Bob uses it for his morning jog and loves it. For the life of me, I have no idea why people use the treadmills when there is this beautiful track surrounded by palm trees.

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