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    Default Horseback riding at CTI?

    When I initially booked my trip to CTI, I noticed they had horseback riding. I have since read a post saying that it is disappearing middle of 2011? Does anyone know if this is true and when? This is one of the reasons I picked CTI over the others. I'm sure I'll have a blast with or without, but I would LOVE to be able to do this activity.

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    It is being discontinued in August at the same time mini bars are being added to all rooms. Horseback riding will be available through a tour company and you can book at the tour desk, but it won't be part of the all-inclusive package as in the past.

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    As Vicky said Horseback is being deleted and mini bars are being added as of 8-21-2011. I am not certain if room service was always available in all rooms or not but it is also now available at CTI from 6AM to 11PM I believe as of August 21, 2011.

    I would much rather have the room service and mini-bars in the rooms then Horseback riding. Maybe they found the horses were not a good fit for a majority of the guests?

    Not saying this is the case at CTI or Jamaica in general. We no longer do the horseback riding in tropical places after a bad experience in the D.R. We went to the highest recommended establishment on the Island only to find the horses to be undernourished and in very bad shape.

    If you do decide to engage in this activity PLEASE PLEASE inspect all of the animals, look at the horses stalls, make sure they have access to water all the time and the general conditions of the farm prior to paying!! If you are denied access then this should SCREAM at you there is something wrong.

    Remember we are protectors of those that cannot speak. To remain silent is to imply complicity.

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    We are going to CTI the week after they discontinue it so my travel agent gave me the name of the company they use when they go to Jamaica. We are doing this excursion while we are there and the price isnt bad at all.

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