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    Default New to Couples: Which should location should a 30-something couple choose???

    Hey there!

    My husband and I have read the reviews, and Couples is definitely the resort chain we have chosen for our next vacay! NOW we are trying to decide on CSA, CTI, or Negril? We are a 30-something, young-at-heart couple who enjoys lots of nightlife options and want to have a GREAT time meeting new people and seeing EVERYTHING we can! We are definitely social butterflies and would love to vacation with like-minded couples. In your oppinion, which location would serve us best? Low-key and tranquil is great, but with our outgoing personalities, I think we would be bored stiff. Thank you for your help! We want to book by next Tuesday!

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    If you want nightlife off the resort, then one of the Negril resorts as they are close to off site nightlife. CTI is a few miles of Ocho Rios. That being said, they do provide nightly entertainment as well as dance music after the entertainment, casino night, Karaoke and sing alongs in the the piano bar which stays open until the last couple leaves. They have the Beach Party with entertainment and movie on the beach night. This will be our 5th trip and we are hoping to be able to stay awake long enough to get to the movie. After a day of sun and fun we are drained at the end of the day. The swim up bar can get quite lively, the swim up bar on the AN island is also a social atmosphere. Just keep reading everything you can and looking at photos. You will find that you keep returning to one of the resorts for more info and that will be the resort that is calling to you! Enjoy and Happy Booking--on a side note, wait until Wednesday to book, maybe there will be a Wednesday Special that will help you make your decision.

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    THanks so much for the info, Vicky! We will definitely wait until Wednesday to book. Leaning towards Couples Negril, I think!

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    We were in the same boat, trying to figure out which resort was best for us. I'm 33 and my husband (who is EXTREMELY social) is 43. We wanted lots of activities and night life but also some down time to just chill out and relax. We finally settled on CTI. We researched all of the resorts and were continuously drawn back to TI every time. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the resorts though and we're counting down the days to September!

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    This 30something year old couple has been to CSS, CN and CSA and our fave is CSA!!!! Just our 2cents. We are very social as well and you just can't beat Ultimate Chocolate (piano bar) and the dancing afterwards at Aura.
    Melea & Joseph
    CN - '06, '07, '08
    CSS and CSA - '09
    CSA - '10

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    We go to CSA but from what I have heard CN has more of a "nightlife".

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    I can say that after going to CN and CTI, my choice for a more laid back and youthful atmosphere is CN for sure. I loved it so much that I'm going back again in October!

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    Thanks everyone! We are waiting on Wednesday for the "deal", because choosing like this has posed to be IMPOSSIBLE! Everyone has been extremely helpful with their oppinions, but it seems like once you fall in love on your first visit, most stay loyal to their initial "home"... Either way, I agree that we will NOT be dissappointed! So very excited!

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