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    Default Marriage License

    I know this is asked frequently, but the last posts I've seen were 2010. I just want to know from US brides, what could you do with your temporary license as far as name change? SS, DL, passport? Any info would be helpful!

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    Default Temp Marriage License

    I was married at CN on 5-19-11 and had no problems at all changing my name on my social security card, drivers license, bank accts, my professional license with the state, etc. I was also able to use it to be added to my husbands health insurance. I haven't tried changing my name on my passport yet, but I won't be needing it again this year (as far as I know) so I just figured I would wait until I get my official copy from the Jamaican government to take care of that!

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    I agree with Brittany. I could do everything with the temporary license. Didn't try the passport though. I will wait for official documents to do that.

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