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    Default Would Someone Be So Kind As To Pickup A JusTalk Card?

    Hubby & I will be coming to CN in August.
    I went online, but only found cards from the US to Jamaica.
    I am a bit worried that we will not find one when we come for our trip.
    I would appreciate any help y'all can give!

    We will be at Couples for our third trip this year...first was CSA, second was CSS, now CN.
    The first year we did eventually find the JusTalk cards, but too late during our visit.
    Hubby said it costs us about $1.99/min thru AT&T when we call using roaming.

    My folks [read: mom! lol] likes it when we call back home for our rugrat, who just turned 6-1/2.
    I wish we could just use Skype or email, but she won't go for
    Heck, works for me, since we have someone to keep her while we are gone, ya know?! lol
    Thanks for everyone's input!
    Michele email is thetexans at
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