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    Never been to an all inclusive and looking at booking a trip Couples Negril for our honeymoon in 2012. With the early escape deal right now we don't think its to bad of a price. Just wondering what are some tips when booking the all inclusive? Also, since flights aren't out yet because we are over a year is it ok to book those separate since we want the deal on this.

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    We have had no problem booking resort and then wait for decent flights. For our trip this year and 2012, we booked before flights were available. No problem. Not sure what tips you are looking for with regard to booking Couples. When they say all inclusive that is what they mean. You don't have to worry about tipping, or "up charges". There are fees for the spa and they do have a special wine list (but you can get the house wine as part of the A/I and also the sparkling white which I enjoy). Everyone is treated the same no matter which room you book.

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    Yes, you can book hotel through couples and flight later when available.

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    That was pretty much it. I was just worried about any extra fees. I love the deal if we book before June 30th 2011 And with the resort credit we get with it I can do some of those (spa etc) extra things without having to spend more.

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