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    Default Diane Pollard e-mail hacked?

    Does anyone know how to get a hold of Diane Pollard? She usually sells raffle tickets once a year and the prize is a trip to Couples. I don't know if she works for the Issa Foundation but I know that's who the money goes to. Anyway I wanted to let her know her e-mail must have been hacked because I received one of those stranded in Europe e-mails where they ask for your bank information to get them home. I just feel horrible because I know she is legit and this won't help her with wonderful work she does for Issa!

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    Hi - Yes, apparently Diane is the victim of a hacker. Note that any emails coming from should be disregarded for now.

    Couples Resorts

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    Legit hack, or spoofing?

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    Yes, I got this e-mail. It was asking for money, stating that she got her bag stolen in England with all her money and passport. I knew this was obviously a bogus email and just deleted it.

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    That's the problem with web based email domains such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc. I would think that since is a registered domain, email accounts could be setup using that domain. Much easier to keep track of and protect from hacking and spoofing.

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    So sorry for those who received the strange email from the Issatrustfoundation@yahoo email account! All is irie now!
    Diane Pollard, President
    Issa Trust Foundation
    Diane Pollard, President & CEO
    Issa Trust Foundation
    Email: or

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    I just saw the email today and came here to find out more information. I figure it was not legit!
    Melea & Joseph
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