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    I know Appleton Rum what they normally serve at the bar at couples... but does anyone know if we want Captain Morgan if it is possible to get it?

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    Almost possible. By that I mean they sell a special Jamaican version of Captain Morgan in the gift shop; at least at CN.

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    I drink Captain Morgan and unfortunately it is not available at any of the Couples resorts or in Jamaica as far as I know. At least not what we are used to in America. We stayed at CN last April and I purchased the Captain Morgan they sold in the gift shop while there because I don't care for any of the Appletons (bring it on Appletons fans! I've taken hits for my opinion on this before).
    After making one drink in our room, I never made another and left it in the mini bar when we left.
    It is not the Captains we are used to back home which is produced by Seagrams (now Diageo) in Puerto Rico. The Jamaican version sold at CN is produced by J. Wray & Nephew in Jamaica and has nothing in common with what we are used to. J. Wray produces Appleton BTW.
    I don't know about other parts of the country but in the Chicago area, Captain Morgan is one of the most popular drinks for the last few years. It is the second largest brand sold in the US.
    I really wish the Puerto Rican version was available in Jamaica since it is the authentic Captain Morgan....after all, he was the governor of Jamaica, who was Appleton? Just kidding Appleton fans. I respect that Appleton rum has been produced in Jamaica for over 250 years and is truly Jamaican but...... I do miss the Captain when at Couples. Who knows, you may love Appletons. If not, try Absolute & Ting.

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