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    Default Question about romance rewards

    So our first stay to couples resorts will be in about 3 weeks to Tower Isle, I just signed up for the romance rewards program, my question is, we are staying 7 nights, do we get the perks of "young love" category on this first visit or do we not get the perks of this category until we return for a second visit. I mainly signed up to get to spend a day at Sans Souci, but getting the free tshirts and the $100.00 resort credit that are included with the "young love" category would be really nice. If anyone could please let me know i'd really appreciate it!! Thanks!!

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    You will be at the Young Love category on your next visit. The nights are based on nights previously stayed and wont get added to your account until after your trip this year.

    Definitely do the trading places trip over to CSS. You will really love it. It has a totally different feel than CTI. CSS has more of a tropical feel where as CTI has a hotel feel. At least that is our opinion.

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    You won't get the young love rewards until next trip.

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    Points are added to your account AFTER your vacation, not upon booking. Because this will be your first trip to Couples, you will arrive with no points in your account and thus will not receive any of the perks intended for returning guests. Should you choose to stay at Couples again in the next several years, you will receive the perks you mentioned.
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    Ok, thats what I thought, I just wanted to make sure!! We will still get to do the trading places on the first visit right??

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    Couples Management ~ This question seems to be coming up a lot lately with the new website. Perhaps some wording needs to be changed on the RR page. I read through it and it makes since to me, but maybe that is because I am familiar with the program.

    Just a thought...
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    We stayed at CTI formerly Couples Ocho Rios in 1983 for our honeymoon. We are returning in April 2012 to CN. I asked about Romance rewards and apparently I don't qualify because it's been too long. I disagree but what can I do? Just curious if I should give it up or keep trying.

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    Yes you will still be able to do the Trading spaces. You also must return within 4 years to retain your rewards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mobridetobe View Post
    . . . We will still get to do the trading places on the first visit, right??
    Trading Places is available to all Romance Rewards members, not just members who are returning guests, so yes, you can take advantage of this program on your first Couples vacation.
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    Hi Jaydee and welcome home again. Sorry, but the program has gone through several iterations since 1983. I would ask that you sign up for Romance Rewards now. Hopefully, you'll be able return again before another 28 years pass. :-)

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    Default Randymon I have a question about split stay

    If I stay a split stay of 7 at css, then move over to cn for 4 days do we get the young love at cn?

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