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    Default look what we found at walmart!

    hopefully i did this right. look what we found at walmart!!!

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    Sorry. Your attachment didnít work. Try again.

    I found a pair of red stripe flip flops as Target.

    Life is good

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    Yes...but does it come with a bottle opener built into the brim like mine?

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    The attachment did work. it was just awaiting moderation approval before it was visible. It is now showing.
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    Nice Hat!

    A few years ago we had some temporary tattoo stickers with the Red Stripe Hooray Beer! logo. Anyone have any of those?

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    i can see it for some reason. i'll try again. its an awesome redstripe hat with a bottle opener. "red stripe. dont worry BEER happy" how do you insert pic? it asks for url???

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    Where do you live? Wouldn't it be fun to get some for the staff?

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    My wife got me one for Father's Day. Damn I love that woman !!
    Proud palapa hoarder since 2007 !!!

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    The pic looks great for me.... nice! I have a couple of RS hats I've accumulated over the years, myself. Looks like a DG hat though!

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    Thanks for tip! They kids got one for Mark for Father's Day.

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    there is a bottle opener on the brim and the big sticker on the brim peals off. i am in florida. love it!!

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    I received on for Father's Day too !!!!! It should look good as that is the only piece of clothing I will be wearing the majority of the time !!!

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    They have a Red Stripe store at the airport that sells all kinds of logo stuff.

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