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    Default csa - shampoo, conditioner, body wash etc

    are these available in the rooms? i cant remember. thanks!

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    Yes they are

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    There is no conditioner. The shampoo is "conditioning" shampoo but most everyone says they bring their own conditioner. I bring all of it. The body wash smells pretty good but it sort of dries my skin out. The aloe they have (had?) was pretty good though. I'm not sure if they still provide it or not. There have been mixed reports on that.

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    The shampoo is a shamp/cond combo....If your hair needs conditioner I suggest bringing both shampoo & conditioner with you - Or use the CSA shampoo plus a little conditioner (since already in shampoo).

    Using both their shampoo and your conditioner may make your hair too soft and/or oily.

    As far as the body wash - I used it all week, but next time I will bring my own. The positioning on the pump in the shower was difficult for me to get on my "poof" and I didn't think it produced enough suds (for my taste).

    They still have the aloe...and it worked great for us.

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