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    Default Don't think I'll like the Garden View Verandah room....

    We'll be returning to CSA for the 6th time in three years. We've traveled all over the caribbean and stayed many places....that is until we descovered CSA. We absolutely love, love, love it there!!! We've always stayed in the Greathouse and as a matter of fact have been lucky enough to get rooms #5205 or #5206 each time. We really like that end of the resort and the stairs don't bother us at all.

    For our upcoming Nov. trip, the only room category that was available was the Garden Verandah. I'm very disappointed. I'm familiar with where these room as located and just don't like them. I'm being told that the possiblity of an upgrade is unlikely. I'm trying not to let this cloud my excitement but I definitely look forward to my 2 trips a year to CSA being near poerfect!!!

    I know there must be people who like the Garden Verandah rooms and book them. If so, can you please let me know what areas, e.g., room numbers, are more appealing and perhaps further from the road? Thanks

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    I really don't understand what you upset about we stayed in a garden verandah room at CSA and just LOVED it! The balconies are far bigger than most in the great house and the garden view is lovely. We were on the third floor and even had a view of the ocean! Would most likely book this same room type if we ever went back to CSA BUT CSS stole us from all the other Couples lol
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    I'll be happy to take your place. LOL

    Hubby and I are without jobs and don't know when we will return, so I'd be happy to have any room in the resort!
    Juliann & Jeff
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    We have stayed in a gvsuite and would book again. They are all about the same distances from the road. Some people have a problem with road noise but we never have. Maybe it's all the sun,fun, and booze. Just torn the ac on, close the bathroom window, and it shouldn't be a problem. There are gvsuites right by the ghouse. Please don't let it ruin your vacation. I know it won't be the same but these rooms are fine IMO. Only a two minutes walk to the beach if you get one by the greathouse. I wish I could remember the number but we were right by the greathouse. It will be ok!

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    I would suggest a Garden Verandah Suite as close to the Greathouse as possible. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the room. Also, request a corner room. If you like privacy ask for a second or third floor corner room. As soon as you get there and sit down to check in, make sure they know of your request. I'm sure they will do all they can to get you what you want. Keep an open may like that type of room even more that the Greathouse rooms. Have fun!

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    Oh wow, don't knock them til you try em! We always book a garden verandah and request the new side of the resort. If you request a 3rd floor corner you will find it very quiet. Our view the last trip was amazing, could see the whole sunset from our verandah!

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    We stayed in room 1105, I LOVED IT! We never heard the traffic from the road, and it was on the old side of the property, near The Palms...Our room had the shutters over all of the windows, like in the Atrium rooms, but with windows not screens, so it was like the best of both. I had expected it to be like the photos of the room on the website, but it wasn't, it was better. I think this is because it was an "older" room, though you never would have been able to tell. I loved our patio also. 1105 is a first floor, corner's what I had requested and it was perfect
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    5205/5206 are those the ones facing the ocean best?
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    The old Gardenview Suites have been refurbished and re-branded as Garden Verandah Suites. I'm not sure what has been done to them in their refurb program (other than TV and minibar), but I don't doubt for a moment that they are done right.

    The glazing in the window will go a long way to addressing your concerns!

    Remember... you'll probably be spending very little time in your room. Enjoy!

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    Yes Chris.....those are the ones facing the ocean; right over the swim-up bar.

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    Dont let the room category ruin your trip. How much time are you really in your room..? If your husband is anything like mine we are only in the room for a minute or two... LMAO! JUST KIDDING HUNNY! Anyways, try not to stress about it... especially since you take TWO TRIPS A YEAR! HOLY SMOKES! Thats great! I'm working on that plan! lol

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    The rooms over the swim-up bar are GreatHouse Verandah Suites. I don't want folks to be confused. These are above the Patois Patio restaurant, and I don't doubt that the view is remarkable. Just not for us, is all...

    The Garden Verandah Suites are closer to the road, furthest from the beach (although nothing on the ocean side of the road at SweptAway is far from the beach). In the newer area of the resort, the next tier closer to the beach are the Ocean Verandah Suites, with the Beachfront Verandah Suites right on the beach.

    In the older part of the resort, the old Gardenview Suites (refurbed and rebranded as noted earlier) are also close to the road, with the Atrium Suites between them and the Beachfront Suites on the beach.

    For reference, there is an interactive map of the property on the main website for SweptAway.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    We stay in a GVS on the groud floor and really enjoyed it. We normally request an upper floor but we were there on the Secret Rendezvous (yes, I know CSA on the SR!) and we were very happy with it. We didn't notice the road noise at all and we were pretty close to it. We are headed back in April and booked a GVS again.

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    We are debating our room choice for Jan 2011.he debate is upgrade from GHVS or upgrade the flight, we may do both but ultimately will prob just upgrade the flight seats. We dont spend too much time in our room...

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    as long as you get to paradise is all that matters!!
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    some people can find something to bitch about anywhere they go

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    The Garden veranda suites are awesome, best value in my humble opinion, & they have the rockers on the patio which I really miss in the Atrium, every catagory used to have rockers back in the day, & you have the added benefit if having plexiglass behind those shutters, & that's a very important issue when it comes to privacy. Relax, party & enjoy, you'll love it. We've never had a bad room in 18 visits to CSA , I doubt you will either.

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    My hubby and I stayed in the Garden Verandah last year, and we would never want to stay in anything else!

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