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    Just got ur request. Seems we will be at CSA the same week. It took me a while to figure out the message notifications.
    My fiance and I are from PA and will at CSA from 8/28-9/5 and are getting married on the 1st at 10am. Hope we can catch a drink to celebrate your anniversary and my wedding
    Here is a picture to make us easier to spot!
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    ked's email us

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    we'd love to join both of you in your celebrations!! We're going for our honeymoon!

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    looks like we got a little group thing going on

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    I'm so excited -- what type of room do both of you have? We got a free upgrade to a GVS.. we've heard they're really nice so we're excited!

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    How did you get upgraded already? We booked a GVS, would be pretty cool to get an upgrade. I shouldn't be greedy though, when we went to CN in March we got upgraded to a Beachfront suite.

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    Well, I tried to reply to you the other day lovin'lagers but I guess it didn't go through. We have booked a GVS, upgrades are always fun! It would be nice to get upgraded this time around, but I won't be greedy because we got a double upgrade when we were at CN in March.

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    Double upgrade?? how did that happen?? I don't mind being greedy on my honeymoon ha. We got the upgrade through Expedia -- didn't realize we'd get one until we clicked the button to purchase the tickets! It was a pretty nice surprise

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    Here's a picture of us! I'm horrible at spotting people--so grab us and say hi if/when you see us!

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