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    Default CSA Garden Verandah Suites...Questions

    We booked the Garden Verandah Suite.....what should we expect out of our room? Is there a more favorable location to another in this category? I think we would prefer to be "centrally" located...any suggestions? We are 5X Couples repeaters staying at CSA for the first time, and realize that requests aren't guaranteed...just wondering what we might want to go after
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    We have stayed in this category 4 times. 3 times in the older ones, once in the newer end. We liked the end by the Palms the best (older one 1108), more lush foliage. Very tropical and private. Last April we were right by the wedding garden gazebo, nice location and centrally located but noticed more road noise on the veranda. Not an issue for us but did notice it. The newer side is great too, very close to the swimup pool bar and Greathouse. My point is that there are really no bad rooms. I would take any right now. We just go and see where we end up and have never been dissappointed. If you'd care for a few pics, email me at

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    We typically request the newer portion which is located closer to patois. It has just been our preference. I will tell you these rooms tend to be closer to the road and or patois which is where the carts are serviced ie cleaning/ bar restocking etc so noise may be a concern. Ask for a first floor as it will provide a walkout lanai which is nice for breakfast.

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    I have photos from May of 2012 if your interested in seeing them send me your email and I'll email them to you.

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    thanks guys, would love to see some pics
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    Lisapat, I tried to send you my video from 2107 guvs from my phone but it wouldn't work. I was able to download it to my Facebook page Sara Brainard Clemons if you're interested. This room was right by the wedding gazebo in the garden area. Centrally located. Have fun

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    We have stayed in the GVS by the koi pond in the central part of the resort (maybe a little closer to the Great House). It's very nice here - just a few steps to beach and jacuzzi, and if you turn on your AC, the road noise is virtually non-existent!

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    I would luv pics too...will be in a gvs in 2wks, we have only stayed in a beachfront so far so wondering what the gvs is about!

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    We like buildings 8 and 9 which are in the newer section and centrally located.

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