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    Default Friday Night Arrival

    22 more sleeps and we will be arriving at CSA. Our flight does not land til 6:20pm on Friday. Taking in consideration travel time to CSA, we plan on arriving around 9pm. Will there be dining available? Im sure we will be starving. Thanks!

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    The grill is open till 5am!

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    All Couples resorts have 24 hour dining. Most sit down restaurants serve until 9:30 to 10:00 PM. The snack bar is open until 6 AM. You will never starve at CSA or any Couples resort

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    I bet you get there before 9, customs should be pretty fast at 6pm at night. You may get there in time for palms or patios. If not cabana will be open starting at like 9 or 10 to get something.

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    All the restaurants say "closed" for Friday night? There is the beach party that night.

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