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    Default Netbook v IPad and other CN questions

    My wife sort of asked this in the main board, but we decided this one might be more focused on our destination... CN!

    1) We will probably either bring an IPad or a Netbook with on for use with the free wi-fi. Does anyone know any reason why one might be a better choice for use at CN than the other?

    I do know that the netbook has 'flash' while our Ipad does not..... but I'm not sure if that makes any real difference.

    2) Should we shoot for a particular building or floor? We are gonna be in a regular deluxe garden room. We don't mind climbing stairs, but only if there is a benefit to being up there. Any ideas if the buildings/rooms are nicer, newer, have better A/C, better wi-fi, etc... than other buildings or floors ?

    Thanks for any expertise you can share on this stuff!

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    Yay for CN!! We just bought an iPad recently and are planning on taking that. Never used a Netbook so I can't really comment on the differences, but I have confidence that the iPad will work just fine for our needs.

    Regarding the floors and buildings, I believe they are all the same age, but have also all been updated. They were renovating during our last trip in 2009 and I believe that has continued and includes outside renovations as well. We also book the deluxe garden rooms, and prefer the spa side of the resorts (buildings 1-5) as the spa garden is just beautiful with the wildlife and flora/fauna. We don't have a preference on which floor - been on the ground floor and the second floor. I don't think there is much difference in the a/c or the wifi.

    I don't know if this actually answered any of your questions! We're going with no worries and you should too! What you really need to know is that the beach and the pool are awesome, the chill vibe is unmatched, the people are amazingly wonderful and the food outstanding!! You're going to have a great time no matter what!

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    If you are bringing the iPad/Netbook for just doing email and Skype, then I don't see a reason to bring the Netbook. The iPad will be all that you need. Plus it weighs less and takes up less space.

    All buildings have recently in the past couple of years gone through a 'refresh'. AC works great in all of them and there are repeaters around the resort so WiFi is good in any building. Don't sweat which room you get, they are all great!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I was in a ground floor garden room in building 1 last November. We picked up WiFi no problem at all. I used my iTouch and my partner used his iPhone to pick up emails, respond to messages etc.

    Unless you plan to do a lot of work stuff then your iPad will be a better option. There is an air conditioned internet cafe next to Lychee but we never needed to use it.

    As far as which block or rooms are best - I don't think it really matters. We had a garden room and it was fabulous. The resort is so compact that nothing is more than seconds away.

    We liked CN so much we are going back this November. I have NEVER been back to the same resort twice so that must say something about Couples! I recommend registering for Romance Rewards (loyalty program) before you go so that you can take advatage of 'Trading Places' while you are there and visit CSA for a day. We did it and really liked CSA too - so much that we are splitting our forthcoming stay 5 nights at CSA followed by 4 nights at CN.

    If you want ot know anything else please shout!

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