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    Default CN Catamaran Cruise- details please

    My wife and I have not done this before from CN and are wondering about some details. I did a search and came up with a lot of conflicting info so I thought I would ask you good people for clarification.

    I think I know it is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and the you must sign up in advance at watersports. What the reports differ on are these things:

    What time does it leave and return? (Reports here say anywhere from 90 min to 3 hours and beyond!)

    Is it a Sunset Cruise? (Some reports say it is, but other say you are back at CN by sunset)

    What to bring/wear- I was guessing just a bathing suit and towel until I read about some saying a sweatshirt is necessary because people got so cold on the way back.

    How seasick do people prone to it get?

    What is the schedule? Is it a just a catamaran ride with a stop at the cliffs to swim or it a snorkeling trip?
    How much time is spent with the boat sitting still? (This is the time my wife it most likley to get some motion sickness)

    Thanks for any replies with any of this info!
    All the best-
    (CN in 2 days!)

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    The catamaran cruise and the snorkling are two separate trips, different boats. The catamaran cruise times vary depending on the weather and probably the group on the boat (and time of year). When we went, I think it left around 3:00, cruised down the coast to the cliffs and anchor, people would swim around for about 30 min or so. Then you cruise on home. Probably 2-3 hours average. You do have to walk out in approx 3 foot deep water to get to the boat. They offer drinks and entertainment, so bring a little cash for tipping, as these are not Couples employees. It can get chilly on the return ride, if you have only a wet swimsuit you would be cold. A layer of some sort is probably wise. It's ok to take your camera and there is a bathroom on the boat! I don't recall many, if any, getting seasick. Catamarans tend to be pretty steady so not as much rocking as a single hull boat.

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    Have your wife wear motion sickness patch, my wife did and was fine and I have never come across any one as sensitive to motion sickness as her. I do not recall tipping any one on our cruise, but than again we sat up front on the netting and we only had one drink each that our friends brought over to us. Also in February the CAT did sit out off the cost for a short time and watch the sun set.
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    CAT cruise leaves at 4:00 PM on M,T, Th, and Sat when we visit CN. Definitely wear a swimsuit as you will get wet just boarding the boat...then when you reach the stopping point at the caves, you will likely want to take a swim. The sun is often setting just before you reach shore back at CN, so you may get to see some beautiful sunsets on the way back. Total time for the trip is somewhere between 2 and 2.5 hours. Bring a camera for some nice photos at the caves and on the return trip of the sunset is nice. It will be a good time with lots of music, drink, and fun. Enjoy!

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