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    Default January 2012

    We're newbies to Couples and headed down to CSA January 20-28. I did not see a thread started yet so I thought I'd take a chance here. Anyone else doing a January trip?? We've done other AI's as well as cruises and have made great friends on vacation!!

    Steve and Vicki
    (both in our 50's)

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    Steve and Vicki - we'll be there the 14th - 21st... also Couple's newbies. My wife and I are looking forward to first visit to CSA - we had been going the last three years to the now closed Breezes Rio Bueno... message board and TA reviews are awesome - I know we made the right choice. We're already counting down!

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    We are SSSOOOO excited. Did a lot of research and read all the reviews on TA. Originally we booked CN but switched to CSA. We'll be coming in just about as you're leaving. Maybe since we're both newbies we could meet up your last/our first night and you can fill us in on what we shouldn't miss!!

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    We'll be there we arrive on 24Th Jan, 2 weeks of bliss. It's our 3rd trip

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    Six months to go... where are all the "We can't wait until January 2012??!!" CSA

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    Hi everyone! The time has FINALLY come for us & we can now book our air portion of the trip! WOO HOO! We'll finalize everything this weekend & lock it in. Then it's "official" & I start counting the days until we return. Actually, I started counting the day we had to leave "home" LAST year. My hubby thinks I'm crazy but he puts up with my obsession! It's the "carrot" that gets me through some of the more stressful times during the year. So happy countdown & see you on the beach in January! There's no place like "HOME"! Cindy

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    We were going through a few things yesterday and realised 25 weeks till CSA! I was brought down to earth with a bump when I picked my son up from Gatwick this morning.... On the arrivals board virgin 066 from mobay! I then thought in 27 weeks that will be us

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    Looks like we will have the place to ourselves...

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    That darned American Airlines has changed our flights for a third time... arriving later & later. I finally had the TA go to bat for us and secured an early non stop. Here's hoping they don't screw around with us anymore and that we can actually enjoy our first day!! Looking forward to meeting all of you!

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    We just booked for 5 nights jan 13-18 second trip for us. Any other tennis players coming? we are both usta 3.5 and really enjoyed the FREE lessons and playing clinics last night.

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    There's got to be others coming to CSA in January??!! I want to say "THANK YOU" to all Couples' posters who have shared their reviews and suggestions. My wife and I can't wait to be back in Jamaica and at CSA for our first (of what I'm sure will be many) visit(S)!

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    Hi everyone! I've found the "January Couples" group to be a little on the quiet side on this board. But not to worry! The resort is usually booked to full capacity & the beauty of it is, you'd never know it! There are many repeaters & many new couples as well & I have always found the guests to be quite freindly! Holly will have a LOT of tennis players to volley with, round robin, etc & even though I don't play, the guests really love the pros at CSA! You can par-take of every activity & you still won't have time to 'do it all' ! MY motto is "so much to do, so LITTLE time". If you need or want some recommendations as to what to do, where to eat, , just ask anyone. I've never encountered a rude guest ( hope I didn't jinx myself!) We can hardly wait! We're coming home!! Jan 23rd! WOO HOO !! See you on the beach! Cindy

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    Hello everyone! Bob and I will be at CSA starting on January 29. We're going a little later this year so that we can watch the Super Bowl on the beach! Cindy is right (as always!) - there will definitely be a terrific crowd there. Our favorite part is meeting up with old friends and making new friends from all over the world. We are looking forward to snorkeling every single day and having mimosas for breakfast at the Palms. And meeting up with Cindy and Todge at the Martini Bar.

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    HI January Couples!
    Judy& Bob & I replyed back to all of you but the 'funny thing' is that we haven't heard a reply back in a few weeks! It's such a aGREAT resort, you will 'want for nothing'! NO WORRIES!!
    Hope you love every minute of your vacation & maybe we'll see you on the beach, or at the Piano bar, or at the Martini bar, or at Patios, or at the Palms, or at at Sea Grapes, or the sport's complex.
    It's ALL there! Cindy

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    We will be there- waiting for it to be official but it looks like the 18th through 25th for us. We are first timers. Celebrating 13 years of marriage- this is kind of our long delayed honeymoon. Super excited! The reviews made our decision to stay at CSA so much easier!

    Just an FYI- we are looking for a photographer to do a session for I wondered if any others were staying there over this time

    Can't wait to meet everyone!

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    Okay- we are booked- now it is January 16th- January 23rd! Atrium Suite! Super excited!

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    We will be returning home now for our 5th trip to CSA! We will be arriving on the 21st-28th. will see you all there. Looks like we will miss you guys Bob & Judy. We were the ones that was all decked out with our Santa hats 3years ago in December. I also get to go back in June with my granddaughter. 2 trips to CSA next year YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Finally - Double Digits!

    Hi everyone! I did a little calculating & realized that we're now in double digits until we are ' Home ' again! This is when I start to get VERY excited! The time seems to fly by with so many celebrations: Halloween, Thanksgiving, my Bday ( a very BIG ONE this year) , Christmas , New Years & THEN CSA! Look forward to seeing old friends & meeting some new friends as well! So much to do, so little time! See you on the beach! Cindy

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    My husband and I will be at CSA Jan 11 - 18th. This will be our first trip to a Couples resort. Only 65 more days!!!

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    we will be there Jan 9-16, and this is our first trip to CSA too! Anyone else out there going 2nd week of Jan? I just know I am going to fall in love with this resort!!
    see you soon!

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    Default cocojoe

    My wife Jane and I are celebrating our belated honeymoon at CSA(couples newbies) on Jan. 6-11. Will overlap with Mrs. J and husband. Hope to meet you guys. Counting the days for some fun in the sun!

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    Hey Cocojoe and Playinthesand,
    More newbies, yah! Let's tink our glasses together in paradise!
    see you soon!

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    We will be Jan 7-14!!!! Already starting to pack!!

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    Sorry forgot to say we are going to CSA!!

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    Default 15 days can't wait

    My wife and I will be there 7-14 Jan. We wish it was time now.

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