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    Are there still towels provided at CTI? How does that work for the Trading Places - should we pack our own?

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    Yes, CTI still provides towels. We took our towels with us to the CSS during Trading Places. I think CTI is the only resort that has towels located in locations that you can just pick them up. I believe at teh other resorts, you have to have your room card to check out. I could be wrong though.

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    Yes, beach towels are still provided and yes, pack your towel for Trading Places.
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    We are here at cti now and traded places to CSS yesterday!! We took the 10 am tour there and our guide told us to pick up towels at water sports hut! No problem mon and they were happy to give us towels....what a nice place!

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    We took towels with us on our Trading Places day to CSS, but we could have picked a couple of them up at the CSS water sports hut too.
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    There is no need to take your towels when you trade places. They will give you towels for the day at the resort you visit. Just wear your swimsuit with cover up and take your credit card for the gift shops.
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