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    We are retuning and will be there in a week. Quick question--do they still provide the refillable water bottles in the rooms upon arrival? I am a big water drinker and like to have this for my ice water throughout the day. If they don't still provide them, then I need to bring mine. Thanks!

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    Hi Vickyj, Three of my colleagues were all there for a wedding in May and all came home with the refillable water bottles. My gut says that they will have them in July. We'll be there July 8-16th and I cannot wait!

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    We will see you on the 8th, our last full day. They have had the refillable water bottles our past two visits as part of their renovations, but I hadn't read anything lately. There are fountains through the buildings plus, you can fill it at the grill and the bartenders will give you ice and water also.

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    Bummer for us. Been reading threads and you guys sound like a lot of fun. Hopefully our paths will cross!

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