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Thread: Massage at CN

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    Default Massage at CN

    Does anyone know if there is an extra charge to receive a massage in the "massage hut" at CN?

    Do they do massages on the beach? If so, is there an extra charge for that?

    We are getting complementary 30 minute couples massages at some point the week we will be in paradise....Does anyone know if those could occur in that massage hut?


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    CN has 3 choices for massage locations.

    1) The spa building - There is no extra charge for massages here.

    2) The beach hut - There is a $5 charge per person and no privacy. The wind blows the cloth "walls" open and it is right next to a walkway and on the beach.

    3) The Treehouse - There is a $5 charge per person. This is the only place we get massages at CN. It's perfect!
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    I agree, go with the treehouse. It was wonderful.

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    We always get the tree house, which costs $10 extra per person. But the location is completely worth it..very private and romantic.

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