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    Default 4 months to go until Im back home at CN .......

    Can't wait.
    CN trip #8 is 4 months and 19 days away
    I think about it wife says Im crazy, But I love it

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    When are you going to be there? By my calculation, you will be there about the same time as us...11/12-11/19. Can't wait. My countdown clock says 138 days.

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    OMG you have me so excited!! congrats on your upcoming trip and that is all I talk about think about everyday and we have 524 days left till we go so I know you cant be crazy!! LOL

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    just remember each day it gets closer... so its all good soonecome!!
    Randi & Sherri
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    1x CN

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    We are going to be there 11/14 to 11/19.
    thinking about it is making me shake..........I need a jeck chicken and a red stripe!

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    Default 135 sleeps...

    We will be at CN Nov. 11 to Nov. 18th....

    Have to celebrate 11/11/11.

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    I cant WAIT to have a WAIT of just 4 months! lol My countdown as of today is 224 days, 22 hours
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    I countdown every day - my husband thinks I'm crazy too!96 to go for us. Counting down is what keeps me going at work, and keeps me motivated to workout

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