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    Default couples airport lounge

    I know you can get drinks for the shuttle at the airport wondering if these are free or cost..if there is a cost are they reasonable? Thanks!

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    The couples lounge provides draft red strip or water free of charge

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    couples lounge is the start of your all ya can drink vacation

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    One other thing to note, do not plan to be allowed to touch your bags again from this point until you arrive in your room...they will wisk them away so fast it almost seems odd as all the airport warnings start running through your head, but don't be alarmed it is just the beginning of all the feelings of this can't be first real moment of WOW occurred the first time I was called "my lady" I honestly looked over my shoulder and thought surely this was not directed at me...but it was and continued to be a trip of royalty, right up until the stark awakening that occurs when your van leaves you at the Mobay airport and drives off....then it is back to reality and the message boards until the next Wed special catches your attention and your back to the next countdown to home!!!!!

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    Couples Lounge for arrivals also has pepsi and diet pepsi--included.

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