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    Default May 13th-May 20th 2012

    My fiance and I are getting married at CTI on May 16th and are excited to come to Jamaica for the first time. We are a fun and outgoing couple who are looking for others who will be at the resort during this week to drink and have a great time with. Please let us know so we can meet up that week Mon!

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    My fiance and I will be there May 8th-15th. We're getting married the 11th. You will most likely find us at one of the bars any day of the week

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    Me and my fiance will be getting married the 19th and going there for our honeymoon the 20th-27th. Bummer you'll be leaving the day we arrive. We are looking forward to meeting new couples.


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    That's great and congrats on getting married. I see you guys are from New York. Are you Yankee fans? My fiance and I are Yankee fans.

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    I am a huge Yankees fan. My fiance is somehow still a Mets fan. Still not getting it since he was born and spent most of his childhood in the Bronx...

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    We will be there May 5-10th, maybe we will see each other!

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    Sounds good! Wish time would speed up already, 9 more months!

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    We are getting married there the 15th. Hope to see you!

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